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Map strathclyde.png

Strathclyde is the third region available to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H., once they have at least 1,500,000 XP.

A Ticket to Strathclyde is required before an agent can cross into Wellsington Tower, the first location in Strathclyde.

Like previous areas, Strathclyde is separated into four normal hunting locations, plus two raiding locations and a Special Events location. The travel costs are a one-time payment. After you have unlocked a location and paid the travel costs once (after 29 November 2009), you can freely travel to that location whenever you choose.


Normal locations

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Wellsington Tower 1,200,000 £50,000 Wellsington Tower is one of the landmarks of Strathclyde. Not only is it famous for its architecture, but also for the variety of ghosts that are haunting it.

Dormont Cemetery 1,800,000 £60,000 Not only castles are haunted in Scotland. During nighttime many ghosts float around the graves in order to search for secret stashes of whisky.

Castle McDonohan 2,600,000 £80,000 Castle McDonohan is your typical Scottish castle: Great walls, dark secrets, haunting ghosts and cellar full of the rarest vintages.

Count Church 4,000,000 £100,000 Many souls have found their final peace in Count church. However, some restless spirits are bound to that sacred place and have made it their permanent residence.

Raid locations

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Dungeon 1,200,000 0 Raiding location — The dungeon is the place where ghosts who have committed the most serious crime in ghostland, stealing whisky, are held!

Egyptian Exhibition 1,200,000 0 Raiding location — The Scottish Art Museum features many exhibitions from all over the world. At the moment they are presenting an Egyptian Exhibition. Little did they know that with the exhibits some ghosts from far-away Egypt have come along to Scotland. Maybe importing whisky to Egypt got too troublesome?

Special event location

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Castle McMahon 1,500,000 0 Special Events location — Castle McMahon is famous for its paintings that hang in the gallery. However, they are protected by an army of skeletons, which can only lead to one conclusion: The art of necromancy is practiced in that unholy place.

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