Secret eye green

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Secret eye green
Magic potions-Secret eye green.jpg
Attraction level    Attraction level: Low  
GG    Gaussgreen light: 3  



Secret eye magic portions are made from centuries-old recipes, hoarded by the confectioner ghost and other secret ghost families. These magic potions are extremely hard to come by and are best saved for those times when you are trying to find a secret ghost.

No guarantees, of course!


Secret eye green adds to your setup:



Secret eye green is occasionally dropped as loot by the following ghosts in the locations indicated:

Ghost Region Location
Celtic Glasgow ghost Lothian Duke Leyton Castle
Duke Leyton Library
Duke Leyton Library
Copper gargoyle Dumfries and Galloway Castle McIngverson 15px-Blue star.jpg
Dishonoured samurai ghost Borders Castle McKenny
Exploding fist ghost Dumfries and Galloway Castle McCloud nightmare mode
Foundry worker ghost Fife Glenclose mine
Gallant tailor ghost Fife Glenclose village
Mindfreak ghost Strathclyde Dormont Cemetery
Nightstalker ghost Dumfries and Galloway Castle McCloud nightmare mode
Retired barbarian ghost Fife Scarwood forest
Shaman ghost Fife Scarwood forest
Uber spooky ghost Dumfries and Galloway Castle McCloud
Castle McIngverson 15px-Blue star.jpg
Winter wonderland 15px-Blue star.jpg
15px-Blue star.jpg = Castle McIngverson and Winter wonderland are special areas.


You can sell, trade, or gift secret eye green to another player.


  • 14 May 2012: Secret eye green was added to Ghost Trappers.

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