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Raiding will give you and four friends, working together as a group and known as a "unit", the chance to travel to special raiding locations to hunt some very strong ghosts that can not be captured by one person working alone.


The raid locations.


The raid ghosts.


Unit size

While you may go on a raid with a unit of fewer than 5 ghost trappers, doing so is strongly discouraged.

If one member of your unit goes offline during the raid, your unit's total raw power and mystic power will be reduced. Your cooldown time may also be affected. Going "offline" in this context means "runs out of bait".

Minimum XP

Except for region 1, each member of your unit must have the minimum XP required to enter the region where the raiding location is:

  • Each member of your unit must have at least 2,000 XP to enter most of the Dumfries and Galloway raiding locations.
  • Each member of your unit must have at least 80,000 XP to enter most of the Borders raiding locations.
  • Each member of your unit must have at least 1,200,000 XP to enter most of the Strathclyde raiding locations.
  • Each member of your unit must have at least 15,000,000 XP to enter most of the Lothian raiding locations.
  • Each member of your unit must have at least 50,000,000 XP to enter one of the Fife raiding locations.

Raid cooldown

You can only raid once every 8 hours.

At one time, the raid cooldown was 23 hours, which reduces the tendency for a raid start-time to creep later and later until the group needs to skip a day to re-set their cooldown clock.

Luck and chance

Raiding will definitely remind you that luck and chance play a huge role in Ghost Trappers!


How do I join or start a unit?

You will find the unit list in the Office. There are two ways to become a part of a unit:

  • You start your own unit: You choose the name (please be more imaginative than to use “Ghostbusters" as a group name) and enter a description. Please also keep the profanity out of the group name and description.

You can make your unit either public or private. A public unit is listed in the unit list and anyone who meets your requirements can join. A private unit will not be displayed in the unit list. You may also set a password for those joining the unit. If you set a password the unit will automatically become private.

If you are creating a public unit, you should list where you want to hunt, what equipment you want members to have, and any other requirements you want to set.
As the unit leader you can disband the unit, remove members, and send invites. You can promote other members of the raid unit to leader if you will be away or unavailable for a while. The leader is the person who must enter the raid location (doing so brings the rest of your unit with you).
  • You join a unit: You either find a unit you'd like to join in the Unit List (in the Office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ) or you get invited to join a unit by a friend. Raid unit invitations may appear in your Facebook Inbox or on your wall, so check them frequently. Another way you can find a unit to join is to post in the forum section: Looking for raid teams and members.

I am in a unit. What do I know about it?

You can see a row of icons in the middle of your raid unit page (on Facebook). Those icons show you various raiding party details (from left to right):

  • The total raw power of the unit as currently set-up;
  • The total mystic power of the unit as currently set-up;
  • The unit's hunting cooldown, which is an average of the cooldowns for each of the unit members;
  • The unit's raid cooldown timer, which tells you when your unit can raid again or is saying: “Enter raid location”.

You can see a list of all unit members, including their names, ranks, trap setups and if they are currently using Nessy’s as bait.

The unit has its own message board where you can leave messages and notes that only the unit members can read.

When can I raid?

Your unit can raid once every 8 hours and you all have the same raiding cooldown, so no one in your unit can have been on a raid during the 8 hours immediately before the time you go on the raid.

How do I enter a raid location?

Only the leader can start the raid and cause your unit to enter the raid location. When your raid unit leader enters the raid location, all unit members leave their current hunting location and enter the raid location as well. All members must have the required XP for the location and no raiding cooldown (i.e., their last raid must be at least 23 hours in the past).

There is no GBP (£) cost to enter a raiding location. When you enter a raid location you can post that information to your Facebook wall and receive support and best wishes from your friends!

Raiding set-ups

There is a general consensus that in most instances, units should use their best raw power set-ups when hunting minions, and that they should use their best mystic power set-ups when hunting for most of the bosses.

These set-ups are generally, but not always, effective — remember that the primary factor in catching raiding ghosts is luck and chance.


Every unit has a "leader". The leader is the only person who can start the raid, the one who can make the unit enter the raid location.

The leader can also "promote" other players in the unit to leader status, so that responsibility for starting the raid can be shared.

Nessy's or Shadetouch and raiding

If all of your raid unit members are using one of the Nessy family or one of the Shadetouch family as bait on the fifth and sixth hunts of your raid, your unit will get a total of seven hunts in the raid.

If even one raid unit member is not using Nessy's Golden Reserve or one of the other specified magic potions as bait on the 5th hunt, that will be your last hunt of that raid and your unit will either attract the boss ghost (if you had previously caught 4 minion ghosts during the raid) or another minion ghost (if you had not caught 4 minions during the raid).

Bait that affects the number of raid hunts

Burners and raiding

The effects of burner components in a trap set-up are only felt by the player with those components during a raid. In other words, burners do not affect the amount of bait used by the other members of your raid team.


Loot-hunter attributes and augments will work in raiding locations, but only for the agent who has equipped a companion with the loot hunter attribute. The rest of the raid team will not receive the loot hunter bonus.


The attributes from contracts, companions, baits, etc. that we know are counted towards the raid unit's statistics include:

  • Raw power
  • Mystic power
  • Cooldown change

The attributes from contracts, companions, baits, etc. that we know are not counted towards the raid unit's statistics include:

  • XP bonus
  • Cash bonus
  • Loot hunters

The attributes from contracts, companions, baits, etc. that we think are counted but have no definite information about include:

  • Loot chance multipliers

In the raiding location

What kinds of ghosts are in raiding locations?

There are two kinds of ghosts in Raiding locations: minions and bosses.

The ghosts in raiding locations are smart — they will adapt to the level of the players in your group. In other words, if a unit of ghost trappers who are all in Region 3 comes to Region 1, they will meet ghosts who will still be a distinct challenge for them.

This also means that if your group has members from more than one region, you may have some problems catching raiding ghosts, since the ghosts will adapt somewhat to the level of the strongest players in your raid unit. This means that the total power you will need to catch these ghosts will be more than that required of a unit all of whose members are in the same, lower, XP level.

How do we trap ghosts?

Once you enter the raiding location, you hunt for ghosts by pressing the "Let's Hunt!" button. The time between hunts is governed by your unit's combined cooldown. Each member of the unit can start a hunt (so you take turns hunting), or one person can start all of the unit's hunts. You and your team can decide how you want to hunt.

Your unit will hunt either 5 times, or 7 times (if all members use one of the Nessy family or one of the Shadetouch family as bait on the fifth and sixth hunts). There are no friend or automatic hunts started for you while you're raiding.

In order for the boss to appear on the final hunt, you have to successfully trap at least 4 minions as a unit. This means that non-Nessy-using units have to trap 4 out of 4 ghosts, while Nessy-users must trap 4 out of 6 ghosts. Yes, using Nessy’s on those final two minion hunts helps while raiding!

If your unit traps 4 minions, the final hunt (#5 for non-Nessy-using-units; #7 for Nessy-using-units) will automatically attract the Boss ghost. Trap the Boss ghost, and there's a chance that he drops cool stuff!

What if we fail to trap 4 minions?

If you don't catch 4 minions, your last hunt will attract another minion. Don’t despair — minions can also drop exclusive stuff!

Loot? If there's ghost loot, who gets it?

Because you're hunting as a unit, all unit members encounter the same ghosts and get an identical GBP and XP reward when you catch one. Every agent also receives a copy of any loot that's dropped. So, if a ghost drops 1 ghost plasma, each unit member will receive one ghost plasma. If a ghost drops 75 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve each unit member receives 75 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve.

Are there any time restrictions?

You can spend as long as you want in a raid, but you only get 4 (6 with Nessy’s) attempts on minions. After that you get your unit's final hunt, and either a boss will come if you have been successful with trapping minions or just another minion if you didn’t do too well. After the last hunt all agents will get teleported back to their previous hunting location.

So what benefit does T/SC have if we can only hunt 5 (7) times in all?

If you are impatient or a power gamer, you may want to finish the raid as quickly as possible and get back to the regular game.

After the raid

After the raid, you will be immediately returned to your previous location.

Unless your entire raid takes less than 30 minutes, you will also immediately have a friend-led hunt when you return from your raid (assuming you have friends in the location where you've been hunting), since you have no friend or automatic hunts while in a raiding location.

This means that many hunters, particularly those that have a very high-mystic set-up when they return from their raid, may be unpleasantly surprised by ghosts who steal money, bait, or XP from them.

Avoiding the thieves

You can try to avoid the thieving ghosts by moving to an earlier location, or to a location where you think no friends are hunting.

FAQ about raids

For answers to more commonly asked questions about Raiding, visit the FAQ about Raiding.

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