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New and newsworthy!

Haunted week 12


Want to make sure you're getting all the extra-special loot from the gargoyles? Use this sortable table to see the loot (and the gargoyles that drop it)!

Scotland: Main page for Scotland showing all the aliens, ufos and loot!

An oldie but goodie: Tips & tricks for Ghost puzzlers

Rhombus red light: See what items in your inventory will up your total of rr light to help you catch the red monsters or the new gargoyles that can only be seen in rhombus red light!

Red flashlight and big red flashlight stack! (So the red flashlights are different from the green, yellow and violet flashlights this way).

Main page for England showing all the known aliens, ufos, and loot!
Details on the aliens and ufos

Ghost lists for Words with ghosts (individual tables for each letter, sortable by location with McCloud at the beginning and Graymalkin at the end...

                     SPOILER ALERT!
If you don't want to see pictures of ghosts before you catch them, please avoid all of the ghost pages.

The information in this wiki has been gathered by players who want to share what they've learned about the game. This means that the answers to many questions about the game are compiled in the wiki.

If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.

Ghost Trappers (Stand-alone Ghost Trappers (Ghost Trappers on FB) is a passive game originally developed for Facebook and created by Diviad Gmbh. It takes place in Virtual Scotland: a fantasy version of Scotland. Players assume the roles of agents whose tasks are to expose funny ghosts to the unsuspecting world. They do so by taking pictures of the ghosts and collecting them in their photo album. Ghosts can be lured into the traps with the thing they love most: magic potions and concoctions made with magic potions! Now Alien visitors have joined the mix, and new skills are needed.

The Ghost Trappers Wiki, or GTWiki for short, is here to help both newbies and veteran players by providing a readily accessible knowledge base covering all aspects of gameplay.

Want to help? This site is built by players, for players. And we'd love to have your help!

We do our best to keep you informed about new ghosts and locations, gameplay changes, or any changes to the information we have about set-up items as quickly as possible.

New content may cause changes to existing prices, XP requirements, rewards, or other details in the game. If you notice something we've missed, or some additional type of information you think would be useful to players, please let us know through the Wiki forum.

Please also remember that the wiki staff are human beings, who do have other responsibilities, occasionally like to eat and sleep, and are not omniscient (much as we'd like to pretend otherwise). We do not have a direct line to code-central, and therefore it will take us some time to add new content to the wiki.

What you need

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Companions—a detailed index to companion-related pages


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Traps   ~  


All ghosts and locations list

Ghost loot (drops)
Loot chance multiplier



Quick reference

Acronyms    &    Definitions    &    Shortcuts

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ about Raiding

Location set-up guide
Minimum XP requirements



Ghost Puzzlers  ~   Tips & Tricks
Spooky's adventure  ~   Words with ghosts

R1 Walkthrough
R2 Walkthrough
R3 Walkthrough
R4 walkthrough
Problems & Questions

Bugs, errors, & odd messages
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Donation issues
Forum moderators & general troubleshooting
Wiki problems or issues

GhostTrappers chatroom
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