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Lothian is the fourth region available to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H., once they have at least 6,500,000 XP and 250,000 £ for the travel fees.

A ticket to Lothian is also required before an agent can cross into Kirkyard Cemetery, the first location in Lothian.

Unlike previous areas, Lothian is separated into 3 normal hunting locations, not four. Locations in Lothian do not work quite the same as the other regions—each location in Lothian has multiple levels. Travel costs to each location in this region are a one-time fee that must be paid the first time you visit, but there is no addition cost to travel to another level within the location (once you have satisfied other requirements). After you have unlocked a location and paid the travel costs once, you can freely travel to that location whenever you choose.



Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Level 1 Kirkyard Cemetery 6,500,000 £250,000 Kirkyard cemetery is a scary, old cemetery with a big mausoleum at its center. The mausoleum is rumoured to hold strange secrets, but a magical lock prevents agents from entering.

Level 2 Kirkyard Morgue 6,500,000 £0 Really scary ghosts inhabit the mausoleum, but there is more to it than you can see from the outside: Deep down within the mausoleum lies the Kirkyard crypt, whose entrance is locked and guarded.

Level 3 Kirkyard Crypt 6,500,000 £0 According to legend, one page of Diary of the Black Knight is hidden within the crypt. However, it seems that agents have to use a special kind of bait to attract the ghosts dwelling in the crypt in order to bring the fabled page back to S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

Duke Leyton

Duke Leyton
Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Level 1 Duke Leyton Castle 10,000,000 £500,000 Duke Leyton Castle is famous for its library and pinnacle. However, intelligence reports say that many ghosts in that castle will steal from careless S.C.O.T.C.H. agents!

Level 2 Duke Leyton Library 10,000,000 £0 You can find a vast collection of books in the library. Some teach the art of dragonriding and there are rumours that the secret diary of the black knight may be hidden there as well.

Level 3 Duke Leyton Pinnacle 10,000,000 £0 The pinnacle is where the legendary dragonrider ghost can be found. However, they want more than ordinary potions and bait, meaning you must get your hands on a very special recipe to get their attention.

Crows Hills

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Level 1 Sanatorium 15,000,000 £1,000,000 Crows hills is an old abandoned asylum which has been taken over by ghosts. There are rumours of ghosts of super-villains that haunt the high security section.

Level 2 Medical station 15,000,000 £0

Level 3 High security section 15,000,000 £0 The ghosts of super-villains have been known to haunt here. Are you brave enough to face their wrath?

Raid location

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
Werewolf den 6,500,000 0
Mary King's Close 6,500,000 0

Special event location

Name XP needed Cost (£) Description
McWallace winter residence 6,500,000 0 Special Events location — When the portals open and strange castles manifest, there is one castle from the cold East which the McWallace clan uses as its winter residence. The McWallaces have a long friendship with some Eastern ghosts, some of them which will pay a visit to Scotland during these special times.


  • 13 March 2010: Lothian first opened its doors to hunting by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 13 March 2010: The travel costs to travel to Kirkyard was increased to £250,000 from the original £200,000 shortly after the doors opened.
  • 10 January 2011: Crows Hills opened its doors.

Virtual Scotland
Dumfries & Galloway:   •  Castle McCloud  •  Loch Trool  •  Glenluck Abbey  •  Castle McDougan  •  Castle McCloud nightmare mode  •  
Borders:   •  Castle McWallace  •  Kilwittig House  •  Loch Muir (has a trapdoor to Ghostlantis)  •  
  •  Castle McKenny (has a trapdoor)   •  Loch Muir nightmare mode  •  
Strathclyde:   •  Wellsington Tower (has a trapdoor to Raven ruins)   •  Dormont Cemetery (has a trapdoor to Treasure trove)  •  
  •  Castle McDonohan (has a trapdoor to Digital room)  •  Count Church (has a trapdoor)   •  
Lothian:   •   Kirkyard Cemetery (has a trapdoor) •  Kirkyard Morgue  • Kirkyard Crypt   •  
  •   Duke Leyton Castle  •  Duke Leyton Library (has a trapdoor to Dark dimension)  •  Duke Leyton Pinnacle   •  
  •  Crows Hills sanatorium  •  Crows Hills medical station  •  Crows Hills high security section   •  
Fife:   •  Sternham Castle  &  Show room  •  Scarwood forest  •  Dreadmoor (has a trapdoor)   •  Glenclose village  •  
  •  Glenclose mine  •  
Central:   •   Graymalkin castle   •  
  •  Gloamin Tower (has a trapdoor to Gloamin Tower crypt)   •   Gloamin Tower first floor   •  
  •  Frozen Castle McDeigh  •  Snowy Castle McDeigh  •  Castle McDeigh  •  
  •   Burningham Castle   •  
Tayside:   •  Phantom Castle (has a trapdoor to Fairy pools)   •   Rising Sun castle   •  

Raiding locations
Dumfries & Galloway:   •  Sunken Ship  •  McDougan gamemaster room  •  
Borders:   •   Ghost rock concert   •   Kilwittig Theatre   •   The lost island   •   Elemental cave   •   Olympic stadium  •
Strathclyde:   •   Dungeon   •   Egyptian Exhibition   •   
Lothian:   •    Werewolf den   •    Mary King's Close   •   
Fife:   •   Symphonic ghost orchestra  •   
Central:   •    Central wasteland  •   
Tayside:   •    Alien spaceship  •   

Special event locations (Haunted weeks)
Dumfries & Galloway:   •   Castle McIngverson   •   Castle McIngverson nightmare mode   •  
Borders:   •   Castle McDoyle (has a trapdoor to The looticrous laboratory of Lord McDoyle)   •  
Strathclyde:   •   Castle McMahon  •  
Lothian:   •   McWallace winter residence   •  
Fife:   •   McDuff lighthouse   •  
Central:   •   Egsby Castle (has a trapdoor to Boiler room)   •  
Tayside:   •   Castle McDoyle nightmare mode   •  
Raiding:   •   Cu Sith Carnival   •  

Special event locations (Celebration weeks)
Dumfries and Galloway:   •   Winter wonderland (has a trapdoor that leads to the North Pole)   •   North Pole   •  
Borders:   •   Christmas bakery   •  

Alien visitors
Aliens and UFOs:   •   England   •   Scotland   •   Russia   •   Germany   •   Singapore   •  
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