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A loothunter attribute increases the amount of a specific item you receive when it is dropped as ghost loot. It does not increase the chance of that loot being dropped on a hunt. When the specific item is dropped as loot, then the number of that item you receive is increased.

Loothunter is an attribute that must be associated with a companion, contract, type of bait or a talent in your setup to be effective or to be increased by other loothunters.

You can also eceive add-ons to a particular loothunter from a collection bonus or through a few accessories.

Loothunter types

There are many types of loothunter stats that you can acquire through a talent, a companion or companion augmentation, or an accessory, a type of bait, a contract or a collection bonus.

Most loothunter attributes are intrinsic (come automatically with) a talent, a companion, a contract, or a bait.

Some loothunters will be added to a companion through augmentations.

Some loothunters can be amplified (increased) by a collection bonus or an accessory with that same loothunter stat. These loothunter bonuses ONLY kick in if you have a talent, companion, contract, or bait with the same loothunter already in your active setup.

Loothunter types

See the individual loothunter type pages to see the companions and contracts that give you the intrinsic loothunter for each stat.

Loothunter type Gain from
Collection bonus
Accessory bonus
Alien visitors souvenir box     Loothunter Alien visitors souvenir box
Amber fragment     Loothunter amber fragment
Yes Secret gargoyle wing collection Plague doctor mask +1–2 amber fragments
Blood orange juice     Loothunter blood orange juice
Yes +5 bottles blood orange juice from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters

Blood plasma     Loothunter blood plasma
Yes Werewolf den collection +1 blood plasma from augment;
1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Brutal banana juice     Loothunter brutal banana juice
Bombastic blueberry juice     Bombastic blueberry juice
Chrono crystal fragments     Loothunter chrono crystal fragment
Yes Dreadmoor collection GT football jersey
Peter's plasma crunchies
+1 chrono crystal fragment from augment;
+1–2 CCF from intrinsic loothunters
Currency box     Loothunter Currency box
Dark cherry juice     Loothunter dark cherry juice
Yes Santa's sleigh +5 bottles dark cherry juice from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Dark dimension plasma     Loothunter dark dimension plasma
Digital coin     Loothunter Digital coin
Diviad points     Loothunter Diviad point
Icons-Dogtag.png     Loothunter dogtag
No Stone mason's chisel +1–4 dogtags from intrinsic loothunters
Elemental plasma     Loothunter elemental plasma
Yes Planar collection +1 elemental plasma from augment;
1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Football     Loothunter Football
German meteorite     Loothunter German meteorite
Yes German meteorites collection Spooky datapad
Icons-Ghastly grape juice.png     Loothunter ghastly grape juice
Yes Haunted castles map +5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Ghost plasmalink=Ghost plasma     Loothunter ghost plasma
Yes Special event collection Skull branding iron +1 ghost plasma from augment;
1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Golden nugget     Loothunter golden nugget
No +2–6 golden nuggets
Golden plasma     Loothunter golden plasma
No +1–6 golden plasma
Green stardust     Loothunter green stardust
Ionized plasma     Loothunter ionized plasma
No Fiery miniature collection 3D printer
Joker card     Loothunter joker card
Yes Vintage gargoyle collection Masterkey +1–2 joker cards
Jurassic plasmalink=Jurassic plasma     Loothunter jurassic plasma
Yes Jurassic collection [[Snowmobile] +1 jurassic plasma from augment;
1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Kreepy koko     Loothunter kreepy koko
Yes +5 bottles kreepy koko from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Lucid lemonade     Loothunter lucid lemonade
Yes +3 bottles lucid lemonade from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunter
>Lucky box loothunter     Loothunter lucky box
Yes Coat of arms +1–2 lucky boxes
Magic wood     Loothunter magic wood
Yes Tome collection Cursed watch +1 magic wood from augment;
+1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Meteorite     Loothunter meteorite
Yes Constellations collection Moon pendant
Moscow datapad
Midnight apple juice     Loothunter midnight apple juice
Yes +5 bottles midnight apple juice from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Mystery milk     Loothunter mystery milk
Yes +3 bottles mystery milk from augment;
+10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Nessy's     Loothunter Nessy's
Yes Nessy miniature +5 bottles Nessy's Golden Reserve from augment;
+5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunter
+20 from Mother Nessy companion
Nightmare crystal     Loothunter nightmare crystal
Nightmare token     Loothunter nightmare token
Yes Haunted horns collection Wooden paddle +1 nightmare token from augment;
+1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Icons-Psychotic cranberry juice.png     Loothunter psychotic cranberry juice
No +5 bottles psychotic cranberry juice from intrinsic loothunters
Purple stardust     Loothunter purple stardust
Raid souvenir box     Loothunter Raid souvenir box
Random document box     Loothunter Random document box
Random item part box     Loothunter Random item part box
Random souvenir box     Loothunter Random souvenir box
Raven coin     Loothunter raven coin
Reaper scythe     Loothunter Reaper scythe
No Golden hourglass
Russian meteorite     Loothunter Russian meteorite
No Mini candles collection
Sacred plasma     Loothunter sacred plasma
Yes Never-melting ice crystal +1 sacred plasma from augment;
+1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Seashell     Loothunter Seashell
Screaming strawberry juice     Loothunter screaming strawberry juice
Yes +3 bottles screaming strawberry juice from augment;
+5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunter
Attribute icon-Loot hunter silver screen.png     Loothunter silver screen juice
Yes +5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunters
Singaapore meteorite     Loothunter Singapore meteorite
No Merlion collection Portrait of Lord McDoyle
Icons-Snowflake.png     Loothunter snowflake
Yes Autumn secrets II Snow pendant +1–5 snowflakes from intrinsic loothunters
Summoning scroll     Loothunter summoning scroll
No Voynich pages collection Lederhosen
Non-Nessy's loot potions     Loothunter non-Nessy's magic potions
Yes GBP coin collection Heliographic engraving +5 bottles special edition magic potions from augment;:
+5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunter
Uncut lens     Loothunter uncut lens
Yes Painting collection Christmas bulbs +1 uncut lens from augment;
+1–2 from intrinsic loothunters
Widow tears     Loothunter widow tears
Yes +5 bottles widow tears from augment;
+5–10 bottles from intrinsic loothunter
Xeno plasma     Loothunter xeno plasma
No Christmas ornaments collection Cropfield designs
Loothunter Companion
Collection bonus Accessory bonus Benefit

Add-on loothunter bonuses

Some souvenir collections and accessories will reward you with a loothunter bonus if you complete the set and put it up for display in the exhibition (or keep the accessory enabled in your inventory. These bonuses are only activated when you have a companion, a contract, a bait or a talent with the same loothunter bonus in your setup. They do not work independently.

Special circumstances: Raiding

If a player has a loothunter in their setup that is triggered during a raid, only that player benefits from the loothunter. The loothunter bonus is not applied to the entire raid unit.

Additional information

Stat interaction

The loothunter attribute is stackable, which means that the value of each loothunter attribute of the same type in your setup is added to your total for that loothunter.

Example: In other words, a +1 ghost plasma loothunter from your companion and a +2 ghost plasma loothunter from a collection bonus will give you a +3 ghost plasma loothunter as long as you have that companion in your active setup. When you then get ghost plasma in a loot drop, you will receive a total of 4 ghost plasma if the ghost drops 1 or 5 ghost plasma if the ghost drops 2.


The loothunter stats do not affect the loot from a hidden treasures vulnerability bonus, so even if one of the loothunter items is dropped as part of hidden treasures, the size of that drop is not increased.


  • 14 April 2010: The loothunter attribute is introduced to Ghost Trappers.
  • 23 October 2012: Companions acquired the ability to have more than one native loothunter (before augmentation).

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