Ghost magnet 3/3

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Ghost magnet 3/3
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The Ghost magnet 3/3 is one of three blueprint pieces (the others are Ghost magnet 1/3 and Ghost magnet 2/3) that you must collect to be able to assemble a Ghost magnet mechanism.


Ghosts and locations

The Ghost magnet 3/3 blueprint piece is occasionally being dropped as ghost loot by:

Historical info

At various times, the Ghost magnet 3/3 blueprint piece has also been dropped by:

During Special event Haunted Weekend I & II.


There are two ways that Ghost magnet 3/3 can be traded in the game.

  • Tradepost: If you want to buy or sell Ghost magnet 3/3, you can do so securely and anonymously through the Tradepost on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.
  • In-game trading system: You can post in one of the community groups or use the GT forum to post offers to buy or sell ghost magnet 3/3. You then set up a trade directly with another player once you have agreed on the details of the exchange.


The Ghost magnet 3/3 can only be sold, traded or given away within the game before it is assembled into the Ghost magnet mechanism.

You must have 500,000 XP before you can assemble the Ghost magnet 3/3 into the mechanism.


20 March 2009: The Ghost magnet 3/3 blueprint piece was first dropped by the Golden ghost and the Shiny golden ghost during Haunted Weekend I.

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