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Daily rewards are a bonus agents can receive for faithfully playing Ghost Trappers.


Visit the FB connect daily rewards page every day.

Once every 23 hours you can click on one item that you want. When it's time to click for your daily reward, you will see an arrow pointing to the Scores & events tab in the main GUI.

Once you have the clicks required to receive an incentive reward, it will automatically be added to your inventory.


Reward Type Power/plasma type
(for contracts & cauldrons)
Number of clicks
Additional source /
Other information
Andy, the alien investigator     Andy, the alien investigator
Contract Magic circle 60
Animation camera     Animation camera
Camera 60
Beastmaster Esca     Beastmaster Esca
Contract Infernal 50 Only available to those playing on the FB connect version of Ghost Trappers
Charles the barkeeper contract     Charles the barkeeper contract
Contract Bio 60
Coffincracker drone     Coffincracker drone
Contract High tech 60 Donation thank-you
Cosmic chaos     Cosmic chaos
Mocktail 45
Countess Wilhelmina     Countess Wilhelmina
Contract Arcane 30 Donation thank-you
Decolorizer     Decolorizer
Accessory 60
Diviad boiler     Diviad boiler
Cauldron Ghost plasma 60
Ectoplasmatic slammer     Ectoplasmatic slammer
Recipe 60
Emma Walder contract     Emma Walder contract
Contract Arcane 60
Firefighter Nero Jones     Firefighter Nero Jones
Contract Infernal 50 Only available to those playing on the FB connect version of Ghost Trappers
Forensic camera     Forensic camera
Camera 60
GardenerGardener Rodrick Greenthump     Gardener Rodrick Greenthump
Contract Bio 50 Only available to those playing on the FB connect version of Ghost Trappers
ghbadGhost badger     Ghost badger
Companion 30
ghbea Ghost beaver     Ghost beaver
Companion 30
Ghost bush viper     Ghost bush viper
Companion 45
ghfox Ghost fox     Ghost fox
Companion 20 Donation thank-you
Ghost ibis     Ghost ibis
Companion 45
ghowl Ghost owl     Ghost owl
Companion 20 Donation thank-you
Ghost repellent candles     Ghost repellent candles
Magic circle 60

Ghost sloth     Ghost sloth
Companion 45
Ghost tarsier     Ghost tarsier
Companion 45
Ghost yeti crab     Ghost yeti crab
Companion 45
Horseshoe candles     Horseshoe candles
Magic circle 60
Inge     Inge
Contract Bio 60
Jonas the technodruid     Jonas the technodruid
Contract High tech 60
Killjoy     Killjoy
Recipe 60
Lorelle the midnight fairy     Lorelle
Contract Bio 30 Donation thank-you
Lothar, devil's advocate     Lothar, devil's advocate
Contract Magic circle 60
Meek the weak     Meek the weak
Contract Traditional 60
MenuMenu no 6     Menu no 6
Contract Magic circle 120
Midnight rider     Midnight rider
Mocktail 10 Donation thank-you
Midnight smash     Midnight smash
Recipe 10 Donation thank-you
Moon pendant     Moon pendant
Accessory 30
Mr A     Mr A
Contract Arcane 60
Mr_ArlingtonMr Arlington Steele     Mr Arlington Steele
Contract Traditional 60
Mrs Pennyworth contract     Mrs Pennyworth
Contract Bio 60
Nurse Chapham     Nurse Chapham
Contract High tech 30 Donation thank-you
P.A.U.L.     P.A.U.L.
Contract High tech 60
Prodigy Eli McGrommit     Prodigy Eli McGrommit
Contract High tech 50 Only available to those playing on the FB connect version of Ghost Trappers
Red backpack     Red backpack
Accessory 30
Red dawn     Red dawn
Mocktail recipe 30
Rick Razor     Rick Razor
Contract High tech 60
Rift cauldron     Rift cauldron
Cauldron Elemental plasma 60
SelenaSelena Darkblade     Selena Darkblade
Contract Traditional 30 Donation thank-you
Shadow cauldron     Shadow cauldron
Cauldron Blood plasma 60
Spookpirinha     Spookpirinha
Mocktail recipe 60
Spooquiri     Spooquiri
Mocktail recipe 45
Starsworn unicorn     Starsworn unicorn
Contract Arcane 90
Tweeter     Tweeter
Companion 60
U-Boot     U-Boot
Mocktail recipe 45
Verdant unicorn     Verdant unicorn
Contract Bio 90

For the impatient

The impatient (at least the impatient who have the money available to do so) can acquire some of these items as a thank-you for making a donation to support the on-going development of Ghost Trappers.


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