Wellsington Tower

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Wellsington Tower
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Wellsington Tower is one of the landmarks of Strathclyde. Not only is it famous for its architecture, but also for the variety of ghosts that are haunting it.


You must have 1,200,000 XP and £50,000 to travel to Wellsington Tower. This is a one-time fee, and after you have paid it once, you can travel freely between Wellsington Tower and all other locations that you have unlocked and paid the travel fees for.


Wellsington Tower contains a trapdoor to the Raven ruins.

To enter this trapdoor, you must first purchase the Raven key from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

The raven key costs:

Ghost Trappers pound Amber fragment Magic wood Chrono crystal fragments Ghost plasmalink=Ghost plasma
250,000 25 25 25 30

Once you have the raven key in your Inventory Blue arrow right.png Tickets & Keys inventory, you should also make sure that the magic rope (assuming you have it in your inventory) is disabled.


The following ghosts can generally be found in Wellsington Tower:

Ghost index

Ghost Type Strength Mystic-
Brute force Beta-ray blue GG
IY Rhombus red light
UV Vintage attraction
Midnight Cauldron/
Clicks Specific loot drops
Dishonest ghost maiden     Dishonest ghost maiden
Secret aaacfiScary GG
Even looonger ghost     Even looonger ghost
Midnight aaacebChilling Midnight attraction chance

Freddy ghost     Freddy ghost
Midnight aaacgfOMG! Midnight attraction chance
Ghost maiden     Ghost maiden
Normal aaacffScary
Ghost MC     Ghost MC
Party aaacgaPartylicious
Green-eyed Temptress     Green-eyed Temptress
Special aabcaaMystical
James ghost     James ghost
Normal aaacdfModerate
Jaws ghost     Jaws ghost
Midnight aaacdfModerate Midnight attraction chance
Jester ghost     Jester ghost
Normal aaaccaVery weak
alytt=Looong ghost     Looong ghost
Normal aaaceaChilling
Maniac jester ghost     Maniac jester ghost
Secret aaacccVery weak UV
Miser ghost     Miser ghost
Normal aaacddWeak
Miserable miser ghost     Miserable miser ghost
Midnight aaacddWeak Midnight attraction chance
Rapping Ghost MC     Rapping Ghost MC
Midnight Partylicious
The looongest ghost     The looongest ghost
Secret aaacecChilling IY
Tidy ghost maiden     Tidy ghost maiden
Midnight aaacfgScary Midnight attraction chance

Tourist ghost     Tourist ghost
Normal aaacefFrightening
Unfunny jester ghost     Unfunny jester ghost
Midnight aaaccbVery weak Midnight attraction chance
Vintage jester ghost     Vintage jester ghost
Secret aaaccdVintage Vintage attraction
Vintage miser ghost     Vintage miser ghost
Secret aaacdeVintage Vintage attraction

Ghost rewards

Ghost Rarity XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum
Dishonest ghost maiden     Dishonest ghost maiden
Even looonger ghost     Even looonger ghost
Freddy ghost     Freddy ghost
Ghost maiden     Ghost maiden
Ghost MC     Ghost MC
Green-eyed Temptress     Green-eyed Temptress
James ghost     James ghost
Jaws ghost     Jaws ghost
Jester ghost     Jester ghost
alytt=Looong ghost     Looong ghost
Maniac jester ghost     Maniac jester ghost
Miser ghost     Miser ghost
Miserable miser ghost     Miserable miser ghost
Rapping Ghost MC     Rapping Ghost MC
The looongest ghost     The looongest ghost
Tidy ghost maiden     Tidy ghost maiden
Tourist ghost     Tourist ghost
Unfunny jester ghost     Unfunny jester ghost
Vintage jester ghost     Vintage jester ghost
Vintage miser ghost     Vintage miser ghost

Special ghosts

The Green-eyed Temptress listed above is a special ghost because of the difficulty in catching it.

Special, gift, and seasonal ghosts can also be trapped in Wellsington Tower, since they can be found in all non-raiding locations in Virtual Scotland. The special ghosts include such ghosts as Ghost Nessy, Cu Sith, Kelpie, Selkie, Glowing Ghost Nessy, Howling Cu Sith, Luring Kelpie, and Moonlight Selkie, as well as the Friendship ghost, Love ghost, and Birthday ghost.

To find out when (and which) seasonal ghosts may be available next, check out the seasonal ghost calendar.

Rewards information for those special and seasonal ghosts are also available at the page about all non-raiding locations and the ghosts that can appear in them.


Loot may occasionally be dropped in Wellsington Tower and in all non-raiding locations by special ghosts and by ghost monsters. For details see the special and ghost monsters loot list.

Ghost plasma, chrono crystal fragments, special edition magic potions (except for Glengreen purple and Moormist purple), and some companions are also occasionally dropped here.


S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ is an interesting place, with treasures to be found in many different corners of its outpost in Wellsington Tower:


At the bar in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in Wellsington Tower, Charles the bartender has his usual fine collection of vintages available for sale.

Charles also has a new recipe available for purchase by intrepid agents: the Black Tartan is first available for sale here. He also has a selection of other recipes available for purchase if you haven't filled out your recipe library yet.

He can offer you a refund on bottles of Highland Pride if you'd like.

And Charles is also always ready to help with your mixology needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just bring him the magic potion and the appropriate mixer, and Charles will have a batch of your favorite mocktail ready for you almost instantaneously.


Professor Gadgeteer has the following mechanisms available for sale in Wellsington Tower:

Mechanism Power type Power Mystic power
The Emerald Pearl Arcane 170 10

Explosive sheep dummy Traditional 177 0

Venus fly trap Bio 182 15


Dr Elizabeth Grimely and her staff of mystic artists in Wellsington Tower have the following magic circles available to power your ghost-trapping set-up:

Magic circle Power Mystic power
White phosphor 40 3

Ectoplasmatic goo 45 0

Starlight 50 15


Always review all of the information about a mechanism or magic circle on its own page before purchasing. The information here is only a brief synopsis provided as a convenience but does not include many of the important details you should take into consideration.


Mrs. Pennyworth and her minions in the office locations in Strathclyde are the exclusive purveyors of the special ID badges that are available for £5,000,000 each:


  • 14 June 2009: Wellsington Tower first opened its doors to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 5 March 2010: The XP requirement to travel to Wellsington Tower is reduced from 1,500,000 to 1,200,000.

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