Walter Watt

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Walter Watt
Contracts-Walter watt.jpg
High tech contract
 Leprecchaun's luck    Leprechaun's luck: 3%
 Monsterslayer   Monsterslayer bonus: −10% of required 
assist clicks 
Rhombus red light    Rhombus red light: 3  
   Blood plasma     Blood plasma loothunter: +1 plasma  



Gifted with the same invention skills as his distant cousin, Walter has been hired by S.C.O.T.C.H. to assist Professor Gadgeteer in optimizing and improving mechanism efficiency by changing the flux bappel for catch dripples ... or ... dlux flapple for datch cripples ... euhhh ... clux dapple for ditch crapples ... by changing technical stuff!

Contract effects

The Walter Watt contract gives you the following benefits for your setup:

The Walter Watt contract also gives you the following benefits for each monster you catch:

  • a 10% monsterslayer bonus reducing the number of clicks required to trap a monster (−10% of the required assist clicks for that monster)



The Walter Watt contract works with high tech trap mechanisms.


The Walter Watt contract can be used to modify these mechanisms:


You must collect the following contract documents to be able to finalize the Walter Watt contract in the office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ:

Documents-WW 1.jpg    
  • WW.1        
Documents-WW 2.jpg    
  • WW.2        
Documents-WW 3.jpg    
  • WW.3        
Documents-WW 4.jpg    
  • WW.4        

These documents are dropped by various gargoyles in the haunted week locations.


  • 24 February 2014: The Walter Watt contract outline was first seen in the Office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.
  • 10 March 2014: The Walter Watt contract was fully released.

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