Vulnerability bonuses

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Vulnerability bonuses


Some ghosts are vulnerable to a particular type of trap mechanism. You can occasionally gain a special bonus by using a mechanism of that type to catch such a ghost.

None of these bonuses triggers all the time. Whether you get a bonus is determined randomly.

Among the known vulnerability bonuses are:


When it triggers, the bounty bonus adds an additional 50% to the cash (GBP) reward for trapping a vulnerable ghost with the specified mechanism type.

Hidden treasures

The hidden treasures bonus makes you eligible to receive special loot, including the Etain, pict huntress contract documents. The hidden treasures vulnerability bonus triggers very rarely.


When it triggers, the overdrive bonus re-sets your hunting cooldown.


When the overwhelming bonus is triggered, it adds 10 raw power to your mechanism for catching the current ghost.

Silver rain

When triggered, the silver rain vulnerability bonus adds an additional 50% to your normal XP reward for trapping a vulnerable ghost with the specified mechanism type.

Consolidated vulnerabilities

If you want to be able to see and sort all of the ghosts that have a vulnerability of any type, our consolidated vulnerabilities page is for you!


  • 25 August 2010: The first five Vulnerability bonuses were added to Ghost Trappers.

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