Vintage star

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Vintage star
Ghosts-Vintage star.jpg
Secret special event ghost
 Ghost photos scarefactor.png     Scare factor: Starry 
 Ghost photos rarity.png     Rarity: Festive 
 Vintage attraction     Only visible with vintage attraction  
 Souvenir collection required    Must complete Star collection to attract
 You must have a traditional mechanism to trap this ghost    You need a traditional mechanism to catch this ghost
 Frozen     This ghost is very often frozen
 Pound icon.png / XP: click here 



He's been around longer than all the ghosts in the universe and has seen everything there is to see. He spends most of his time sleeping these days and only wakes up if given a good prod.

No theft risk

There is no risk that the vintage star will steal GTP (£££), XP, bait, or ghost plasma if you fail to catch it.

Additional information

Souvenirs required

You must have completed and displayed the Star collection of souvenirs before you can attract the vintage star.


The vintage star can be captured only during Celebration week special events in region 1, Dumfries and Galloway, at the North Pole.


The vintage star can only be seen when your setup has enough vintage attraction in it. Stack your setup, including your camera, with lenses and other equipment with vintage attraction if you are trying to take a picture of the vintage star.

Traditional mechanism required

You must have a traditional mechanism in your active setup to be able to catch the vintage star.

Brute force will not help you catch the vintage star.

Companion modifiers

Some companions can modify your setup so that you can catch ghosts even if you do not have the required mechanism type in your setup.

The companions that can modify your setup to enable you to catch ghosts that normally require a traditional mechanism while you are using a different mechanism type include:


The vintage star may be frozen when you attract it.

The best way to catch a frozen vintage star is to have the thawing stat in your setup, and for that thawing chance to be activated.

You can also catch a frozen vintage star with brute force in your setup if that brute force stat activates.

There is no way to catch a frozen vintage star with just a high raw power setup (and no thawing or brute force) or with just a high mystic power setup (and no thawing or brute force).


The vintage star has been known to occasionally drop one or more of the following items of ghost loot:


The vintage star is part of the Christmas stars family of ghosts. The complete set of Christmas stars includes:


Baits that might help attract the vintage star (because these baits will add vintage attraction to your setup) include:


  • 19 December 2016: The vintage star was first seen in Virtual Scotland'.

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