Valiant cauldron

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Valiant cauldron
Cauldrons-Valiant cauldron.jpg
Valiant vapor    Valiant vapor: 10  
Mystic power    Mystic power:
Gargoyle's touch    Gargoyle's touch: 2% 
 Monsterslayer   Monsterslayer bonus: −5% of required 
assist clicks 



A valiant cauldron is a cauldron, used with one of the plasma types to attract and catch monsters or other ghosts attracted by the combination of plasma and light.

Knights of the round table

The valiant cauldron is used with sacred plasma to attract ghosts from the knights of the round table monster group.

North pole monsters

The valiant cauldron can also be used during celebration week special events to help attract the Santa monsters in the North pole.


Valiant vapor

The valiant cauldron adds 10 valiant vapor to your setup when the cauldron is active in your setup.

To have a chance to attract a knight of the round table you must have a piece of sacred plasma in your valiant cauldron, and that piece of sacred plasma must have been in the valiant cauldron for less than 24 hours.

Mystic power

The valiant cauldron adds 5 mystic power to your setup when the valiant cauldron is active in your setup.

Gargoyle's touch

The valiant cauldron adds a 2% chance of gaining gargoyle's touch to your setup. Gargoyle's touch gives you a chance to restore two crystal charges on normal hunts, thus increasing the number of power hunts you have available.


The valiant cauldron has a monsterslayer bonus of 5%, which reduces the number of clicks needed to trap a monster by 5% (−5%).

Additional information

Activated cauldron

The valiant cauldron is activated when you have selected it in your inventory and it shows on your camp page.

The valiant cauldron's valiant vapor, mystic power, gargoyle's touch, and monsterslayer stats are all counted in with your setup even if you do not have any sacred plasma currently in the cauldron.

However, your valiant cauldron will only attract knights when you have added a piece of sacred plasma to it.


Christmas present

The valiant cauldron was originally offered as a Christmas present choice to all players during the 2013 Celebration week.

Bayoushi's shop

The valiant cauldron can also be purchased from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for:


  • 24 December 2013: The valiant cauldron was introduced and became available to all S.C.O.T.C.H. agents in Virtual Scotland.
  • 1 January 2015: The valiant cauldron was first noticed in Bayoushi's shop.

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