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By playing Ghost Trappers you are agreeing to abide by the GT Terms of Service and by the Facebook Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service are liable to change to meet new elements within the game or as new problems are identified, so please ensure that you check them regularly to be kept informed of the rules. The in-game Terms of Service will always have the most recent version of the ToS.

Any player found in breach of the Terms of Service will face sanctions, and may be warned, suspended or removed from the game, may be reported to Facebook for violating the FB ToS, or may face fines or other sanctions at the Moderators' discretion.

Terms of Service

Rule No. Rule
1 Please ensure that only English is used on Diviad forums. Posts made in any other language will be deleted.
2 Please be respectful to your fellow players. Bad language or abuse will not be tolerated for ANY reason, on or off the forums.
3 Scammers are not welcome here. We look after our players and will take action on anyone attempting to scam. So please don't test us.
4 Please do not class your threads as 'Official'. This is reserved for the Ghost Trappers administration team.
5 Multiple accounts are not permitted (GT playing or not). We view this as cheating and we will take action when found.
6 It is not permitted to use ANY external web sites or tools that affect the way the game is played. This includes adjusting your FB time zone. The use of these will lead to a instant ban. The only exceptions to this are Wiki and authorised support groups.
7 When trading please be respectful at all times. It is a player's right to choose their own prices.
8 Some companions are listed for GIFTING only. That means that they are not to be traded. Anyone found to be trading these items may face suspension or banning of their account.
9 Begging or asking for free items is not permitted. This includes sending multiple unwanted requests for items via PM or in Chat.
10 Cross-application trading is NOT permitted on Diviad forums.
11 We do not permit the selling of virtual Ghost Trappers items for real money or virtual credits (This includes but not limited to: Cherry credits, etc.)
12 Please only use the 'official' Add Me in the add players section. Do not create your own Add Me threads as these will be removed. Mass Add emails are also not permitted.
13 If you wish to run a competition please feel free to do so, however we do not endorse any competitions unless they are being run by Diviad staff members.
14 Lottery type competitions that require any sort of fee are not permitted within the GT Forums.
15 Competitions that require players to sign up for off site offers or require Facebook 'Likes' are not permitted. This is to protect our players.
16 We welcome the work of all the support groups within the Ghost Trappers community, however we do not endorse any activity they may do nor will we be held responsible for their actions.
17 Please remember to put your threads in the correct forums and if you have a question please try to locate the answers before you post.
18 We welcome ALL players and try to treat everyone the same. Being a donator does not give you permission to break the rules.
19 We will not tolerate naming and shaming.
20 You may use the images from the game in your own Facebook profile, however you can not use any image belonging to a member of the Ghost Trappers staff or Moderator Ghosts.
21 Anyone found using fake special gifted ID Tags will be INSTANTLY banned. These are given by the developers for services to GT and we do not tolerate people using these badges that haven't earned them (including VIP Badges, Moderator Badges etc)
22 Posting of monster links is not permitted and action may be taken on those who post them. There are several monster support groups so please utilise them.
23 Posting links for 'S.C.O.T.C.H' Badges is not permitted, persistent offenders may have action taken on their account.
24 When a suspension is applied to a players account, we request you do not access the forums. This is a self imposed restriction, but if you do not uphold this then the suspension may become a ban from the game.
25 You can NOT log in for a raid member, to allow you to raid. You go with what you have.
26 The rules also apply to the forums.
27 The Terms of Service are liable to change to meet new elements within the game, so please ensure that you check these regularly to be kept informed of the rules.
28 Any player found in breach the Terms of service will either be suspended or removed from the game, without warning.
29 All purchases and redemptions of virtual currency and/or items made through our service are non-refundable.
30 E-check donations are required to clear into our accounts before any items are credited to your account. The time this takes may vary depending on your location.
31 The challenges are for challenges ONLY. Do not use the challenges to transfer/trade items. Abusing the challenge section can result in a ban from the game.

Breach of ToS

If you know of anyone breaching the Terms of Service, please report it to a staff member as soon as possible.


Your first port of call is always the application's moderators. Their individual schedules will vary, but any moderator you contact will get back to you as quickly as they can. Do not moderator-shop. If you contact a second moderator for some reason, please let them know who you have previously contacted.


Clicking on either of these links will take you to the mod's FB page where you can leave them a message:


  • 27 August 2009: Unsorted ToS created, adapted from an Andi Huller message board post.
  • 24 February 2010: Page updated with newly revised ToS adapted from the in-game ToS page.
  • 31 May 2010: Page updated with newly revised ToS adapted from the in-game ToS page.
  • 4 April 2011: Page updated to conform with most recent version of the in-game ToS.
  • 1 October 2011: Page updated with new additions to the ToS.

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