Trident staff

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Trident staff
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Enables additional game-play See below



"The first part that is required to complete the Trident of the Sea".

The trident staff is a special item that can be found in the Special items (with stats) grouping in Lady Bayoushi's shop.

The trident staff once you have acquired it, will be found in the special items part of your inventory.


The trident staff special items is the first item (in a list of several!) that you must acquire before you will be able to purchase the Trident of the Sea from Lady Bayoushi's shop.

The next three items on the list are dropped as loot by various ghosts and monsters in Ghostlantis:

Prerequisite 1 Prerequisite 2 Item Ghost/Monster Additional
Setup details
Purchase the trident staff Trident left blade Kelpie cavalry ghost Bio mechanism setup
Fish collection Trident middle blade Mega Bokrug Odd odor Dark dimension plasma and one of the outworldly cauldrons
Ghostlantis collection Trident right blade THE KRAKEN Malty mist Ghost plasma and one of the regular ghost plasma cauldrons

The items listed in this table will be found in your inventory under the Currencies" tab.


You cannot stack multiple trident staffs together in your inventory. Only one trident staff to a customer, please.

You can use the trident staff simultaneously with all other equipment (including all other accessories) in your inventory.


Bayoushi's shop

The trident staff is for sale in Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop for:

Currency Normal
The boss lost
his mind price
Ghost Trappers pound     GTP
1,000,000 850,000
Seashell     Seashells
200 170
Golden nugget     Golden nugget
100 85
Elemental plasma     Elemental plasma
100 85
Jurassic plasma     Jurassic plasma
100 85
Ghost plasma     Ghost plasma
1000 850


  • 5 September 2018: The trident staff was first added to the available accessories in Virtual Scotland.

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