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Trapdoors are used to drop from various locations in Virtual Scotland into a spider den or to another, specifically named location.

Trapdoors are also used to drop from the Winter wonderland into the North Pole during celebration week special events.


Your setup must have the trapdoor stat in it, to give you the chance to find a trapdoor.

Normal location trapdoors

Currently, you must have at least 700,000 XP and be in Castle McKenny to be able to encounter a trapdoor and fall into a spider den.

Special events trapdoor

There is to-date one trapdoor location for each type of special event—Egsby Castle for Haunted week special events and the winter wonderland for Celebration week special events. Each of those trapdoors has a named destination location. The Celebration week trapdoor requires 2001 XP.

Named destinations

The trapdoors with named destinations have varying amounts of XP required, depending on the trapdoor location. See the table below for more details.


The locations shown in the following table have been identified as having a trapdoor in them. Only four of these locations are straight spider dens, one is a named destination with spiders (Gloamin Tower crypt), and the others are named destinations with their own ghosts.

Trapdoor location Destination Region XP
Date-specific ?
Castle McKenny Spider den aacBorders 700,000
Dormont Cemetery Treasure trove aadStrathclyde 1,800,000
daaeCount Church Spider den aadStrathclyde 4,000,000
faaeDreadmoor Spider den aafFife 50,000,000
eaabKirkyard Cemetery Spider den aaeLothian 6,500,000
faabGloamin Tower Gloamin Tower crypt with spiders aafCentral 75,000,000
Egsby Castle Boiler room Central 75,000,000 Haunted week special events
baaxWinter wonderland North Pole aabDumfries and Galloway 2001 Celebration week special events
Duke Leyton library Dark Dimension Lothian 10,000,000
Phantom Castle Fairy pools Tayside 350,000,000


When you are trying to find a trapdoor, your primary setup concerns are two:

  • Trapdoor stat — Items with this stat on them give you a chance to encounter the trapdoor in one of the locations that host them. The more items with the stat you have, the better your chance of encountering the trapdoor, because the chance for each item is added to the chance for all other items in your setup.
  • Oblivion — Items with this stat on them increase the time you are able to stay in the spider den once you travel through the trapdoor. The more items with this stat that you have, the longer you can stay in the spider den or named destination, because all of the added time is added on to the default time span for your stay.

Those two stat pages contain complete lists of all the items with the trapdoor stat and/or the oblivion stat on them.

Once you've dropped through the door ...

Once you have dropped through a trapdoor, you will want to change your setup. See the spider den page, or the specific page for one of the named destinations—Egsby Castle, North Pole, Dark Dimension, or Fairy pools—for more setup details and information.


  • 9 April 2014: The trapdoor game mechanic was added to Ghost Trappers.

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