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A ghost trap is the key to your success as an agent of S.C.O.T.C.H.


A ghost trap has three required components to be able to work:

A ghost trap also has two optional components that can provide additional help:

The three primary components of your trap together have several attributes that affect its ability to trap ghosts:

  • Power (sometimes known as "raw power")
  • Mystic power
  • Cooldown time
  • Burner status
  • Attraction
  • Midnight attraction
  • Luck and chance

The strength of your set-up


Power, or raw power (to distinguish it from mystic power), is the single most important characteristic in determining whether you can catch the majority (not all) of ghosts. Power is the overall strength of your trap, which must be higher than a ghost's scare factor for you to be able to trap that ghost. Of course, even power greater than the ghost's scare factor does not guarantee that you will catch that particular ghost — see Luck and chance! And some ghosts simply can't be caught by raw power alone ...

Mystic power

Mystic power represents a chance to trap a ghost regardless of its scare factor. Each point of mystic power represents a 1% chance of catching the next ghost that is attracted to your trap, regardless of its strength. Some ghosts can only be caught with high mystic power. Of course, nothing in guaranteed, and some ghosts are immune to mystic power. This means that they can only be caught with a high raw power set-up.

Cooldown time

Cooldown time is the time you must wait between hunts. The shorter your cooldown time, the more times you can hunt. Cooldown time (sometimes referred to as the T/SC or time/space continuum) adjustments are often seen in a trade-off with power,

Burner status

Some components of your trap can cause you to use more than one bottle or glass of bait on each hunt. When your trap has a burner component, you will see the multiple bottle symbol highlighted.

Luck and chance

You won't see an icon on your Ghost Trappers dashboard measuring luck and chance. However, you should not underestimate the effects of luck and chance in Ghost Trappers. Have the same set-up as a friend who's catching lots of special ghosts, while you don't even see them? Luck and chance. Are you catching ghosts with loot pets all the time and your friends aren't? Luck and chance.

Companions and contracts

Companions and contracts can add to or subtract from each of the primary attributes. They may have:

  • An increase in or a decrease of the raw power of your trap;
  • An increase in or a decrease of the mystic power of your trap;
  • A decrease or an increase to the cooldown time you must wait between hunts;
  • An increase in your ability to attract rarer ghosts;
  • The ability to allow you a chance of catching midnight ghosts at other times of the day.

XP bonus

Your companion, your contract, and your bait can all add a percentage to the XP you can earn with each ghost you catch.

Cash bonus

Similarly, your companion, your contract, and your bait can all add a percentage to the GTP you collect for each ghost you catch.

Attraction bonus

An attraction bonus is separate from the attraction rating of your bait (the Attraction rating determines whether or not ghosts are attracted to your set-up. The attraction bonus increases your chances of attracting rarer ghosts. (A +1 attraction bonus does not turn a "very high" attraction bait into a "partylicious" bait ... it merely makes it more likely that a rarer ghost will be attracted to it).

Midnight attraction bonus

A midnight attraction bonus gives you a chance to catch midnight ghosts at other times of the day.

Loot chance multiplier

The Loot chance multiplier increases your chances of getting loot drops. This increase is small, and may not be noticeable in the short-term, but will be more obvious looking at loot drop patterns over a longer period of time.

The increase in the chance of loot being dropped is determined by how much greater than 1 the multiplier is. A loot chance multiplier of 1.2 would give you an extra 20% chance of loot being dropped on top of the original 100% chance, while a multiplier of 2.5 would give you a 150% greater chance of loot being dropped. Move

Optimizing your set-up

Many agents are interested in putting together the best set-up for a particular location. Optimizing your set-up is all about changing aspects of your set-up so that they suit you, the kind of hunting you're doing, and your short or longer-term goals in the game.

Changing aspects of your set-up depending on your current goals is an important strategic decision.

"Best" set-ups

The best set-up (mechanism, magic circle,bait, contract, companion) in any location depends on a number of factors. These factors many include:

  • How powerful the set-up is;
  • How much mystic power the set-up has;
  • How effective the set-up is, which is dependent in part on the ghosts in that location;
  • How well the setup attracts ghosts;
  • How often you can hunt with the setup;
  • How much bait you use while using this set-up;
  • How much bait or GBP you lose to ghosts while using this set-up.

The biggest factor in determining the best set-up for a location, though, is what your current goal is. Those goals can include:

  • To maximize the amount of XP you can gain;
  • To gain the most GBP you can;
  • To catch all the ghosts in the location;
  • To catch a particular ghost in the location;
  • To catch the rarest ghosts in the location;
  • To catch the largest number of ghosts possible in the location (this goal is often associated with a mission and may also be time-driven);
  • To gain the most loot possible in the location.

Maximizing your XP

Many agents are anxious to maximize their XP to enable them to reach new ranks or be eligible to assemble a mechanism or magic circle, or to move to new locations. Always remember that moving to a new location generally also requires you to buy new trap components, so don't let your XP run too far ahead of the money you're gaining!

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