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The trading card collection vi is a set of souvenirs that can only be received as loot from vintage ghosts during haunted week special events.


You must have at least 25,000,001 XP and a ticket to Fife to be able to complete this collection (in other words, you must be able to travel to, at least, Sternham Castle to have a chance to attract all of the ghosts that drop these souvenirs.

Haunted Weeks

These souvenirs are only dropped during haunted week special events, which usually occur twice a year, once in October and once around March or April each year.


The souvenirs that are part of the trading card collection VI are:

Souvenir Region found Specific locations Ghost
Infantry ghost trading card Dumfries and Galloway Castle McIngverson
Ghost headshots-Vintage infantry ghost.png     Vintage infantry ghost
Ferryman ghost trading card Borders Castle McDoyle
Ghost headshots-Vintage ferryman ghost.png     Vintage ferryman ghost
Necromancer ghost trading card Strathclyde Castle McMahon
Ghost headshots-Vintage necromancer ghost.png     Vintage necromancer ghost
Czar ghost trading card Lothian McWallace winter residence
Ghost headshots-Vintage czar ghost.png     Vintage czar ghost
Dentist ghost trading card Fife McDuff lighthouse
Ghost headshots-Vintage dentist ghost.png     Vintage dentist ghost

Collection bonus

Collect all of the items in the trading card collection VI and you will receive:

Individual souvenirs

Infantry ghost trading card

Souvenirs-Infantry ghost trading card.png     The infantry ghost trading card souvenir can only be obtained in Castle McIngverson (region 1, Dumfries and Galloway) from the vintage infantry ghost.

Ferryman ghost trading card

Souvenirs-Ferryman ghost trading card.png     The ferryman ghost trading card souvenir can only be obtained in Castle McDoyle (region 2, Borders) from the vintage ferryman ghost.

Necromancer ghost trading card

Souvenirs-Necromancer ghost trading card.png     The necromancer ghost trading cardsouvenir can only be obtained in Castle McMahon (region 3, Strathclyde) from the vintage necromancer ghost.

Czar ghost trading card

Souvenirs-Czar ghost trading card.png     The czar ghost trading card souvenir can only be obtained in McWallace winter residence (region 4, Lothian) from the vintage czar ghost.

Dentist ghost trading card

Souvenirs-Dentist ghost trading card.png     The dentist ghost trading card souvenir can only be obtained in McDuff lighthouse (region 5, Fife) from the vintage dentist ghost.


  • 14 October 2014: Trading card collection VI and its souvenirs were added to Ghost Trappers.

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