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Sometimes you receive more of an item as ghost loot drops than you can use.

Sometimes you need to sell some items to make more money in the game to purchase a new trap mechanism or magic circle.

Sometimes you want to give a gift of something in your inventory to a friend.

You can do these things using the Community Blue arrow right.png Trading (gifting) or Community Blue arrow right.png Trading (safe trade) tab on the main GT game screen or by going to the Tradepost on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

How in-game trading and gifting works

Trade mechanism

Both people involved in a trade must initially put the items they're trading into a trade limbo (the item is removed from your inventory but not yet transferred to the other player). This allows you to make sure you're getting what you thought you were buying. Once the person who started the trade confirms that everything is in order, the items are transferred to their new owners.

This means that if you started the trade, you must either accept or reject the trade before it is finalized. This mechanism gives you some protection against a trader who may be trying to scam you or to rip you off.

For ultimate protection, use the Tradepost, since trades there are anonymous.

Gift mechanism

The gift mechanism (Community Blue arrow right.png Trading (gifting)) works immediately. You select an item from your inventory, set the number of that item you want to give to the other player, and the agent name for the person you are gifting to. When you hit the GUI-Send button.png Send button, your gift is added to the other person's inventory.

Use the gifting mechanism only when you're actually sending a gift to someone or when you know the person you're trading with very well. The gifting mechanism doesn't require any confirmation, so as soon as you enter the information about what you're giving away and the name of the person to receive it, those items are immediately transferred.


The tradepost allows people to buy and sell items anonymously. The seller posts an item and quantity for sale and the price wanted. All agents then have a chance to purchase the item for the selling price.

When you purchase an item from the tradepost, the GTP are immediately removed from your inventory and transferred to the seller and you automatically receive the item(s) you purchased.

Use the filters built in to the tradepost to find the lowest available price for an item you want to purchase.

Buying and selling directly

You can also buy and sell special edition magic potions, mixers, documents, blueprint pieces, and molding pieces to other players, with offers to buy and sell made on the trading GT items only section of the forums.

Offers to buy and sell Nessy's Golden Reserve can be made through the trading Nessy's only section of the forums.

Both types of trades can then be finalized through the Community/Trading (safe trade) tab on the main game menus.

Tradeable items

Some items in the game can be traded. This is by design and is not a bug. (It is also not a bug that many many items are not tradeable!)

The items you can trade include:

Molding pieces


Special edition magic potions
Nessy family
Other bait

Contract documents
Companion gifts

All of the companion gifts can be traded among players.


Certain souvenirs can be traded among players.


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