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Many people believe that it's impossible for them to get prizes from Ghost Puzzlers. The current prizes are the Ghost puzzler badge, the Frozen mist recipe and the Biochemist Dana Hunter contract. If you are interested in reaching the scores required to obtain these prizes, here are a few tips to help you improve your game.




You may want to acquire:

  • Around 7-8 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve
  • 5-6 hrs of free time
  • A high-dpi laser mouse or another gaming mouse
  • A clean mouse pad on a level surface

Quick reflexes also help!

Set-up tips

  • Use the second set of tiles (the tiles with the colored background).
  • Use the background that:
  • Makes the colors stand out to you; and
  • Is least distracting for you.
  • Use the browser in full screen mode to enlarge the game board and make card pairs easier to spot.

Practice and warm-up

  • Before trying to get a high score, try several games in casual mode and use the hint button to get a feel for how the computer makes moves.
  • When you're ready to try for a high score, warm-up for a few games in casual mode.


  • As soon as the game opens
  • click on the first double set you see in the middle of the game screen.
  • See if that opens up any new pairings.
  • If not, continue to the next card pair you see, click on them, and continue to search for pairings.
  • Focus first on the middle of the board, then towards the edges.
  • Make all the pairings you can near the first pair you matched before moving to other areas.
  • Save working on the edges until later in the game.
  • If you see 3 cards in an L shape or in a straight line, choose the 2 cards which are towards the centre of the game screen to eliminate and not the one closest to the edge of the game screen.
  • If you run the clock to 0 while matching a pair, pause and review the game board to spot your next several moves.
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