The major steps in acquiring the Golden Rider

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The Golden Rider can only be discovered if you follow the steps in the proper order.

The first step is to gain enough golden nuggets to be able to purchase your first equipment from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop:

See the base

Buy the base, see the horse

Mystery-See the base and cauldron.png Mystery-Buy the base, see the horse.png
Your first option on visiting Bayoushi with a bunch of golden nuggets in your pocket, is to buy the Golden Rider base or buy the Golden cauldron. Once you've bought the Golden base, you can see the option to purchase the Golden horse.

Buy the horse, see the body

Buy the body, see the sword

Mystery-Buy the horse, see the body.png Mystery-Buy the body, see the sword.png
Once you've bought the Golden horse, you can see the option to purchase the Golden body. Once you've bought the Golden body, you can see the option to purchase the Golden sword.

Buy the sword, see the head

Buy the head, see the inscription

Mystery-Buy the sword, see the head.png Mystery-Buy the head, see the inscription.png
Once you've bought the Golden sword, you can see the option to purchase the Golden head. Once you've bought the Golden head, you can see the option to purchase the Golden inscription.

Buy the inscription

Get the Golden Rider loot

Mystery-Buy the inscription.png Mystery-Golden Rider drop.png
"Joachin von Wittenstein". Now that you know his name, you can free the statue from the clutches of the Royal wyvern! You have unearthed an awesome treasure. You will now be able to loot all the rare items in the treasure trove of gold!

Check your inventory

Accessories-Golden Rider.jpg
See the Golden Rider in your inventory!

Total investment

Item no Special item Cost in
golden nuggets
Golden nugget
Cost in GTP
Icons-Gold pound symbol.png
Cost in
ghost plasma
Ghost plasma
Cost in
S.C.O.T.C.H. badges
S.C.O.T.C.H. badge
Cost in
magic wood
Magic wood
Cost in
amber fragments
Amber fragment
Cost in
Diviad points
Diviad points
Golden base     Golden base

Golden horse     Golden horse
100 25,000,000 300

Golden body     Golden body
150 30,000,000 100

Golden sword     Golden sword
200 35,000,000 300

Golden head     Golden head
250 40,000,000 150

Golden inscription     Golden inscription
300 50,000,000 75
  Special item Total: 1050
golden nuggets
Golden nugget
Total 180,000,000 GTP
Icons-Gold pound symbol.png
Total 300 ghost plasma
Ghost plasma
Total 100 S.C.O.T.C.H. badges
S.C.O.T.C.H. badge
Total 300 magic wood
Magic wood
Total 150 amber fragments
Amber fragment
Total 75 Diviad points
Diviad points


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