The black knight

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The black knight
Mechanism-The black knight.jpg
Infernal mechanism
Attribute icon-Raw power.png    Power: 326 
Mystic power    Mystic power:
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −3 min 
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 10%  
Valiant vapor    Valiant vapor: 2  
Vintage attraction    Vintage attraction: 2  
Attribute icon-XP.png    XP required: 17,500,000 
Attribute icon-Costs.png Assembled, not bought



Infernal traps have a 25% chance to cause the "dark arts" effect. The "Dark arts" effect reduces either your XP or GBP for the next caught ghost to 0. Items with the purify attribute can reduce the chances of "Dark arts" to occur.

Additional information


You must have at least 17,500,000 XP to be able to assemble and use the black knight mechanism.

Locations and ghosts

The black knight can not be purchased. You can collect the diary sections required to assemble the black knight from:


The black knight is an infernal trap mechanism.


The black knight can be modified by negotiating a contract with:


The black knight mechanism cannot be sold, traded, or given to other players. It is not eligible for a refund at any time.

The diary sections required to be able to assemble the black knight (the black knight 1/3, the black knight 2/3 and the black knight 3/3) also can not be sold, traded, or given to other players.


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