The Mystery of the Golden Rider

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The Mystery of the Golden Rider
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The Mystery of the Golden Rider is a mystery where you can, initially, see only the immediate next step that you must take to (eventually) solve the mystery and collect the final reward.

Each step that players figure out will suggest the next item that must be figured out, or collected, or travel that must be accomplished.

What we know

Undertaker ghost

  • Andi's forum post tells us that the Undertaker ghost is dropping something new as loot ...

That suggests:

  • Set up to catch the Undertaker ghost
    • If you have the spotlight special item, make sure it is disabled
    • Turn the anchor on if you have it
    • Put on some thawing (because sometimes the Undertaker is frozen when it shows up
    • Disable your camera
    • Make sure there's no plasma in your cauldron
    • Go with a good loot chance setup
    • Hunt!

Mystery-Undertaker drops Golden headstone.png

Golden headstone

Once the undertaker ghost has dropped the Golden headstone, you can find it in your inventory:

Mystery-Keys and tickets.png

Mystery-Golden headstone in inventory.png


There are a couple of cemeteries in Virtual Scotland: Dormont Cemetery and Kirkyard Cemetery.

Dormont Cemetery is the correct place to go!

Mystery-Travel to Dormont Cemetery.png


Use a setup that is high in trapdoor and oblivion.

Fall through the trapdoor.

Mystery-Fall through trapdoor to Treasure trove.png

Treasure trove

New ghosts! These ghosts all seem to have trap type preferences, and they are all mystic resistant.

They also like to steal your bait.

This could get interesting ...

Hunt some more

Mystery-Miss a lot of ghosts.png

  • Miss a lot of ghosts
  • Keep on hunting anyway
Occasionally catch a ghost and get some loot
  • You will be able to collect the first document for each of six different contracts. You won't be able to collect parts 2, 3 or 4 for any of the contracts yet.

Mystery-Get some contract documents as loot.png

Collect some souvenirs
Collect some plasma and currency

Mystery-Get small drop of golden nuggets.png


Reminder: No matter what your setup, you will see a lot of red Xs in your journal. There are a few things you should remember:

General comments on Mystic/Willpower setups

When you are depending on the combination of mystic power of willpower (FoW), you are dealing with what is primarily a luck based system. In other words, it's a crap shoot!

Reality check

You will automatically see red Xs on ghosts that do not match the trap type you have on.

No companion to help ?

If you don't have a companion that can help you trap ghosts that require a particular trap type, why not? Seriously, why not? Five of the companions on this list can be gotten just by clicking on the Daily rewards link. You *will* have a pretty miserable time if you don't have one of the helping companions ... you might want to come back another time when you are better equipped.

Trap type requirements

  • Only two of the ghosts in the Treasure trove do not need a specific trap type.
  • Most of the companions that can mimic a particular trap type add a single additional trap type for your hunts (16 out of 22 companions at the time the treasure trove was released). That means at any given time, you have a chance to catch half (at best) of the ghosts in the Treasure trove (the one that matches your current trap type, the one that matches the trap type the companion with a single trap type helper in your setup, and the two that don't require a specific trap type. That means, at least half the red xs that you see in your journal need to be treated as background noise.
  • Three companions add two additional trap types to the trap type you have in your active setup. So now you might be able to catch 3 out of the 6 different trap-type specific ghosts, plus the two that don't have a specific requirement. That still leaves you 3 out of the 8 that you won't be able to trap with your current setup. Background noise.
  • Two companions add three additional trap types to the trap type you have in your active setup. So now you can catch four of the six ghosts with the trap type requirements, plus the two that don't have such a requirement. There are still two more ghosts that you have no shot at catching. Again, that's a significant amount of background noise.
  • There are also the occasionally other special ghosts, like the mystic temptress, any of the teleporting ghosts, etc.... Each of those ghosts can easily put another red X in your journal.

Crap shoot

Remember... mystic power plus willpower is still a crap shoot!

TL;DR version

Ghost groupings With companions that add 0 additional trap type With companions that add 1 additional trap type With companions that add 2 additional trap types With companions that add 3 additional trap types
Of the two ghosts that don't require a trap type, you have a shot at 2 2 2 2
Of the six ghosts that require a trap type, you have a shot at 1 2 3 4
Number of ghosts you absolutely can't catch 5 4 3 2
Total number of local ghosts you might catch 3 4 5 6

Find the Golden Rider

See The major steps in acquiring the Golden Rider and Total investment needed to complete the Golden Rider for detailed information on the order in which you can acquire the parts of the Golden Rider, and how much it will cost to do so.

New currency =

We got some new currency as part of the mission rewards this week ... the golden nugget.

Check out Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ to see if she has any new equipment that you can purchase ... or to find out how many golden nuggets you need to accummulate.

Cauldrons-Golden cauldron.jpg

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