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17th of March 2010, 00:20

Your automatic trap system has initiated a hunt for you. You have successfully trapped a Noisy poltergeist. The reward for this ghost is 6438 £ and 529 experience points. Furthermore, this ghost dropped some loot: 3 x McMillan 15 y.o.!

Setup: Suck-o-matic 9000 + Burning Bottles + Mini Robot (level 2) + MDR + Apple Manhattan + THETA RADIATION applied

This setup gives a 194% amount of money collected from a ghost. Thus 100% amount of money collected from the Noisy poltergeist is 6438 / 194% = 3318.5 GTP This suggests that the reward for Noisy poltergeist in this page is incorrect. Should be about 3300 GTP.

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