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1. Raiding should also be in the box to the left ("gameplay")

2. The definitions of "online" and "offline" and their consequences are missing.

3. It seems having 5 or 7 tries (including boss) is not a fixed number, it's calculated in a way.

  1. Switching to five Nessy's after the fourth try gave us one additional minion, so we had 6 tries.
  2. Switching to five Nessy's after the first minion failed gave us two additional minions, so we had 7 tries.

4. It's absoluteley unclear what happens if there is one person hunting in R3 and four hunting in R1 raiding the sunken ship. Is the R3 guy good or bad for the group?

5. The interface (raid_unit) shows magic and raw power, addition bait and the cooldown. You cannot see attraction and loot chance multiplier, and the raid leader does not know if the members use the correct companion or contract.

knarf 12:48, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

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