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Attraction level    Attraction level: Partylicious  
Raw power    Power bonus: 3  
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 3  
 Cash bonus    Reward bonus: 20% 
 Icons-XP bonus.png    XP bonus: 20% 
Loot chance multiplier     Loot chance multiplier: x1.25  
 Vintage attraction     Vintage attraction: 1  
Icons-Force of will.png    Willpower: 5  
Vintage connoisseur   Vintage connoisseur 2% 



The spookpirinha is a mocktail, a type of bait.


The spookpirinha mocktail gives you the following benefits for your trap setup:

  • a 2% chance of gaining vintage connoisseur and having additional bottles of any non-Nessy loot potions added to a loot drop

The spookpirinha contract also gives you the following benefits for each ghost or monster you catch:


Spookpirinhas can be made either with [[magic-potion link or with Nessy's Golden Reserve.

Spookpirinha made with
Glengreen green
Description Quantity
Glengreen green 4
Psychotic cranberry juice 2
Spookpirinha mocktails 2
Spookpirinha made with
Nessy's Golden Reserve
Description Quantity
Nessy's Golden Reserve 6
Psychotic cranberry juice 3
Spookpirinha mocktails 6


Mocktails like the spookpirinha can attract party ghosts in Borders (region 2) and Strathclyde (region 3) as well as normal ghosts and midnight hour ghosts.

In regions 4 and beyond (Lothian, Fife, and Central), mocktails are generally not required to attract party ghosts, although the higher attraction of many mocktails may help bring more of a specific party ghost to your trap.

Recipe acquisition

You can acquire the spookpirinha recipe by accumulating 60 daily rewards clicks selecting the spookpirinha recipe as your incentive.


  • 14 December 2014: The spookpirinha recipe was added to the daily rewards available to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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