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Special missions
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Special missions are tasks given out by the chairman of S.C.O.T.C.H. to perform certain tasks in Ghost Trappers. Missions are assigned to groups of Agents, often based on your XP level or your rank.

Where you are currently hunting or what trap you have are not factors in assigning missions. See the twilight zone for hints on dealing with a problematic mission.

Mission time zones

What we show you here is mission timing in UTC.

In UTC, there is no change for daylight savings. You may need to adjust for local conditions if you live in any type of non-standard time zone.

When in doubt, consult the world clock to find your time zone's setting relative to UTC.

(Note that during the summer, BST (British standard time) is one hour ahead of UTC.)

Mission location

Some missions can be accomplished in any location. Other missions can only be accomplished in a particular location. We show the location(s) each week in our

If you're not in the correct place, you can decide whether you want to travel or not. If it doesn't make sense to you to travel for the mission, then don't do it! If you don't have good equipment to complete a particular mission, you don't have to do it.

Missions are optional!

You don't have to accept a mission. You always can choose to try to accomplish a mission or simply ignore it. You can find mission details under the Scores & events Blue arrow right.png Special mission tab.

Current mission


Missions begin at 10:00 pm in UTC.


GUI-Get reward.png

When you accomplish the tasks set out in a special mission assignment, you will receive the reward specified for that mission.

You can click the Get reward button when you complete a mission. You can also simply let the time for the mission run out and you will receive the mission reward automatically.

Disagreement between text and image in rewards screen

When there is a disagreement between the mission text and the images shown in the Rewards screen for the mission, the images shown will usually (not always) overpower the text.

Problems with missions

Occasionally, there is a problem with a particular week's mission.

The moderators always contact Andi and the other devs as soon as they know there is a problem. Please be patient when a problem comes up with a mission — its always the middle of the night for the developers (in Germany), and they will deal with any problems as quickly as they can.

If you have a problem with something such as not all ghosts being counted for a particular mission, please contact a moderator as soon as possible after the mission ends. Give them your FB id number (if you don't know it, go to your profile — Invites & friends Blue arrow right.png My team Blue arrow right.png view profile' — and copy the number that appears after 'fbid= '. The mods can do a hand-count of your catches during the mission to double-check for you.

Strategies for accomplishing special missions

There are a bunch of things you can do to make it easier for you to finish special missions.

The first few rules for trying to finish any special mission:

Reduce your cooldown as much as possible

No matter the type of special mission, the first thing you should look at when you are doing a mission is your cooldown.

Don't panic

Really. Seriously. Keep breathing ...

Focus on the key requirements

Type of mission Key factor Key factor Key factor
Ghostathon Cooldown: Get your cooldown as low as possible Catch rate: Move to a location where you can guarantee yourself a 90–100% catch rate Work your team: Make sure you have teammates in the same location who can take you on the maximum number of friend-led hunts
Original monster mission Malty mist:

Blood monster mission Sanguine scent Mystic power Doppelganger
Jurassic monster mission Malty mist Mystic power Doppelganger
Party ghost mission Bait and location: In Borders or Strathclyde, use a mocktail Bait and location: In Lothian, Fife, and Central, use any bait. In Kirkyard Morgue, use silver star green for quickest results. Pick your location carefully. If you want to finish quickly, try Kilwittig House or Loch Muir.

How to do a ghostathon

Ghostathons don't require you to sit at your computer non-stop for 72 hours straight! There are things you can do to make a ghostathon much easier to accomplish!

The first step is, Don't panic! A lot of people look at the goal number whatever it happens to be, and immediately think, "I can't hunt that much!".

They forget that they don't have to do all the work!

So take a deep breath, and learn how to break the mission down into what can be more manageable chunks...and give it a try!

  • First, if you can, move to a location where you know you can get as good a catch rate as possible and where you have friends hunting.
  • Figure out how to add as much doppelgänger to your setup as possible (while keeping the best catch rate possible)! More doppelgänger means more of a chance for a ghost you catch to count as two towards completing the mission. (The doppelgänger page lists all the items you can have in your setup to add more doppelgänger to it. You can see the total doppelgänger (and other stats) in your setup by going to Invites and friends Blue arrow right.png My team and then clicking on the “view profile” button next to your badge picture. The doppelgänger icon is the one that has two ghosts right next to each other, with one paler than the other.)
  • Adding the leprechaun's luck and/or juicy stats to your setup minimizes (5 seconds) the cooldown time after a ghost hunt — giving you more hunts than you would otherwise expect in a particular period of time.
  • Adding additional chrono crystal charges to your setup, reducing your re-charging time for each crystal and/or adding the gargoyle's touch stat to your setup can also help you with a ghostathon. The additional charges for your chrono crystal increase the number of power hunts you can make when you return to Ghost Trappers after time away. Reducing the charge time again increases your overall total number of possible hunts. Gargoyle's touch immediately recharges two chrono crystal charges, again increasing the number of power hunts you can make.
  • Talent tree bonuses can also affect the number of hunts you can accomplish in a small period of time, most notably the Speed of light talent reduces your minimum cooldown by 30 seconds, meaning you can hunt every 1.5 minutes. Other talents can increase the value of most of the other stats mentioned in this section.
  • Try to make sure that you complete a captcha, if possible, before leaving your computer. Captchas come every 25 hunts (if you exclude auto-hunts and raid hunts from the count), so if you can complete a captcha before you go to sleep, work, or whatever, you'll be able to continue getting friend-led hunts while you're away. Even if you miss some friend-led hunts, your auto-hunts will continue.
  • And make sure you have enough bait available to more than cover the hunts til you get back to your machine.
  • When you are actively hunting, try to lower your cooldown time if possible. The smaller the amount of time you have between hunts, the more hunts you can start yourself while you're actively hunting. (The cooldown change page here in the wiki lists many (probably not all, but many!) of the items that can affect your cooldown time.

The next thing to do is to play with the numbers a bit.

  • If you can time your captchas well, you are guaranteed 3 hunts per hour (2 friend-led hunts and 1 auto-hunt). 3 hunts per hour x 72 hours = a maximum of 216 possible hunts.
  • Even if you can't time the captchas, you can still count on the majority of your auto-hunts catching you ghosts.
  • Divide the number of ghosts you need to catch by the number of days in the mission and then figure out how many times you normally hunt during each of those days. What's the difference between the total number of hunts you need per day and the number of times you normally hunt? Is the difference covered by the number of auto hunts, friend-led hunts or doppelgängered ghosts you can expect? If yes, then hunt as normal (maybe squeeze in some extra hunts when you can, to be safe). If no, then try to go back and think again about how you can lower your cooldown time and/or increase your doppelgänger chance.

Above all, don't worry if you can't finish a mission, particularly a ghostathon! The missions are meant to be fun ... and if you're not having fun trying to beat the goal, then just ignore the mission. There will be another one next week that may work better for you!


  • February 2009: The first special missions were released to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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