Sizzling saucer

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Sizzling saucer
Cauldrons-Sizzling saucer cauldron.jpg
Alien cauldron

 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 4  
Galaxy glow    Galaxy glow: 3  
 Monsterslayer   Monsterslayer bonus: −3% of required 
assist clicks 
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −0.5 min 



The sizzling saucer is a cauldron, used for hunting a particular type of monsters—the alien monsters.


The sizzling saucer is powered by xeno plasma. Each piece of xeno plasma powers your sizzling saucer cauldron for 24 hours.


The sizzling saucer cauldron gives you the following benefits for your trap setup:

Activated cauldron

The sizzling saucer cauldron is activated when you have selected it in your inventory and it shows on your camp page.

The sizzling saucer cauldron's mystic power (and all its other stats) are counted in with your stats as soon as you select the cauldron as your active cauldron.

However, your sizzling saucer cauldron will only attract one of the alien monsters when you have added a piece of xeno plasma to it. You can mouse-over the sizzling saucer;s image on your camp page to see how long your current piece of xeno plasma will continue to attract alien monsters.


Bayoushi's shop

The sizzling saucer is for sale in Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop for:

Chrono crystal fragment Ghost plasma Meteorites
50 50 50


  • 14 October 2015: The sizzling saucer cauldron was first added to the available cauldrons in Virtual Scotland.

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