Silver star purple

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Silver star purple
Magic potions-Silver star-purple.jpg
Attraction level    Attraction level: Low  
Raw power    Power bonus: 5  
 Cash bonus    Reward bonus: 100% 



Silver star "purple" is an extremely rare and exquisite potion full of arcane secrets. It can only be found in places where no agent should go alone.


Silver star purple offers you:

  • +5 raw power bonus for your trap; and
  • a 100% cash bonus on each ghost you catch.


Ghosts and locations

Silver star purple is occasionally being dropped as ghost loot in all non-raiding locations by:

Silver star purple is also dropped in various raid locations by particular ghosts:

During certain haunted weeks, silver star purple can also occasionally be dropped by:

Assist loot

When you assist a friend by clicking on their ghost monster, either through your livefeed or through a link they post, you have a chance to receive silver star purple as assist loot.

Special mission reward

You may occasionally receive bottles of silver star purple as part of the reward for completing a special mission.

Hidden treasures

Hidden treasures is a vulnerability bonus that an agent sometimes receives when trapping certain ghosts with specific trap mechanism types. You can gain a special bonus by using a mechanism of that type to catch such a ghost. Silver star purple can be that special bonus.


There are currently two ways that silver star purple can be traded in the game:

  • Tradepost: If you want to buy or sell Silver star purple, you can do so securely and anonymously through the Tradepost on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.
  • In-game trading system: You can post in one of the community groups or use the GT forum to post offers to buy or sell silver star purple. You then set up a trade directly with another player once you have agreed on the details of the exchange.


  • 31 August 2009: Jimmy Stalker 30 y.o. was first dropped in Virtual Scotland when Raiding became available.
  • 21 April 2010: The gifting system bug that affected Jimmy Stalker 30 y.o. has been resolved.
  • 7 July 2010: Jimmy Stalker 30 y.o. was re-named to silver star purple.
  • 13 August 2010: Silver star purple lost its 100% XP bonus.

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