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Show room
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There are rumours that a scandalous play has, is, and will be performed in the show room.

While no longer a secret, the path towards achieving one of the still highly-desired tickets for the show can be frustrating ... beware!


Before you can enter the show room, you must obtain a show room ticket from a white swan ghost or a black swan ghost in Sternham Castle.

There are no additional costs to travel to the show room, although having the money to buy new mechanisms and magic circles is important.


The normal and midnight hour ghosts you can find in the show room are:

Ghost Notes Type Strength XP
Special loot
Brad ghost Normal ghost 50Transsensational
Columbia ghost Midnight ghost 50Transsensational
Creature of the night ghost Midnight ghost 50Transsensational
Criminologist ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Midnight ghost 50Transsensational
Eddie ghost Normal ghost 50Transsensational
Frank ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Normal ghost 50Transsensational
Ghostface ghost Midnight ghost 50Transsensational 1100 1200 6800 7000
Janet ghost Normal ghost 50Transsensational
Magenta ghost Midnight ghost 50Transsensational
Riffraff ghost Normal ghost 50Transsensational
Transsensational Frank ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Midnight ghost 50Transsensational
Trapper ghost UV Secret ghost afaaTribal 900 920 5800 5900
Polo ghost GG Secret ghost afafJockeying 940 960 6000 6100
Supervillain ghost IY Secret ghost afbaHeroic 980 1000 6200 6300
*  Icon mystic power resistance medium.png  indicates a mystic-resistant ghost.

Special ghosts

Special, gift, and seasonal ghosts can also be trapped in the show room, since they can be found in all non-raiding locations in Virtual Scotland.

The special ghosts include all of the Scottish mythic creature ghosts (such ghosts as Ghost Nessy, Cu Sith, Glaistig, Kelpie, Selkie, and their midnight counterparts).

The gift ghosts are the Friendship ghost, the Love ghost, and the Birthday ghost. Around Christmas time, the Christmas elf ghost joins the fun.


To find out when (and which) seasonal ghosts may be available next, check out the seasonal ghost calendar.

"Wrong" ghosts and stray ghosts

Many ghosts from Dumfries and Galloway, the Borders and even Strathclyde have been caught in the show room by hunters who deliberately or ignorantly use a non-local bait (that means, "anything other than a double feature mocktail").

The list below is not exhaustive but does give you a sense of the range of ghosts you may see — failing to use double feature as bait can bring ghosts from strange and distant places to pay you a visit.

In other words, use the double feature mocktail if you're trying to pick up the local ghosts!

Ghost Type XP
Charged electric ghost Midnight 50 75 240 350
Cruel executioner ghost Midnight 15 40 110 240
Devil ghost Normal 95 130 500 1000
Dramatic Hamlet ghost Midnight 30 50 220 260
Electric ghost Normal 50 75 240 350
Executioner ghost Normal 15 40 110 240
Ghost witch Normal 725 755 3500 3800
Hamlet ghost Normal 30 50 220 260
Invisible ghost Normal 110 160 300 750
Maniac psycho ghost Midnight 25 45 270 370
Miserable miser ghost Midnight 310 400 1750 2280
Monk ghost Normal 370 470 2200 3100
Psycho ghost Normal 25 45 270 370
Sexy temptress ghost Midnight 120 160 160 600
Stonecold temptress Special
Thirsty vampire ghost Midnight 45 75 280 950
Tragic gothic ghost Midnight 180 320 1500 2270
Vampire ghost Normal 50 75 300 580

To see the complete list of ghosts that might appear in this location, see the all ghosts list, ignoring the raid ghosts and special event ghosts, as well as the single-occasion ghosts that were released before the show room was opened.


Loot is occasionally dropped in the show room (and in all non-raiding locations) by the local ghosts, by special ghosts and by all of the ghost monsters (original, elemental, jurassic monsters, vampire lords and ladies, and the knights of the round table).

As experienced players, agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. hunting in Show room will recognize that which ghosts drop which loot can change without notice. If you have a loot drop not mentioned here, please let the wiki sysop know so that a correction can be made.

Plasma (of all sorts), chrono crystal fragments, magic potions (including Nessy's Golden Reserve), and some companions are all occasionally dropped here. See the loot page for information about the loot items that are widely available in Virtual Scotland.

Mockery loot

If you have the mockery stat in your setup (through the talent tree bonus or because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 mocktails added to other loot drops from the ghosts in show room. Because these mockery stat drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the mocktails are included in any loot lists for show room. The entire list of possible mocktails that may be dropped is on the mocktails page.

Mockery drops can be distinguished from a normal loot drop as follows:

A standard loot drop of a mocktail     5x Cherry bomb
A mockery loot drop of a mocktail     5 Devil driver

Snowflake loot

If you have the snowfall stat in your setup (because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat), ghosts in the show room may occasionally and randomly drop you a snowflake as loot. Because these snowfall-driven drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, snowflake loot drops are not specifically included in any lists on this page or on the individual ghost pages.

Vintage connoissesur loot

If you have the vintage connoisseur stat in your setup (through an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 bottles of a non-Nessy's loot potion or of Shadetouch blue or Shadetouch purple added to other loot drops in Show room. Because these connoisseur drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the non-Nessy's loot potions involved are included in the loot list above. The entire list of possible bottles that can be dropped is found on the non-Nessy's loot potions page.

Both normal drops of a particular non-Nessy's loot potion and connoisseur drops of a particular loot potion show the same way in your journal:

16 x Shadetouch purple (10 bonus loot)



Charles the bartender has a more limited selection available in the show room than in many other locations.

You cannot buy any of the usual magic potions from the green family. Silver star green, Moonshadow green, Moormist green, and Glengreen green are not available for sale in the show room.

Charles does have the recipe for the mocktail double feature available if you haven't already purchased it in Sternham Castle.

He also has a selection of other recipes available for purchase if you haven't filled out your recipe library yet.

If you need to raise funds, He can offer you a refund on bottles of Highland Pride if you'd like.

And Charles is also always ready to help with your mixology needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just bring him the magic potions and the appropriate mixers, and Charles will have a batch of your favorite mocktail ready for you almost instantaneously.


Professor Gadgeteer has the following mechanisms available for sale in the show room's Q-section:

Mechanism Power Mystic power
Retro time warper 355 5
Dimensional time warper 355 20


Dr Elizabeth Grimely and her staff of mystic artists in the laboratory via the show room have the following magic circles for sale to power your ghost-trapping set-up:

Magic circle Power Mystic power
Roseglazed candles 155 5

Shopping disclaimer

Always review all of the information about a mechanism or magic circle on its own page before purchasing. The information provided here is only a brief synopsis provided as a convenience and does not include many of the important details you should take into consideration.


  • 25 May 2011: The show room first opens its doors to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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