Shadetouch purple

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Shadetouch purple
Magic potions-Shadetouch purple.jpg
Attraction level    Attraction level: Reasonable  
Raw power    Power bonus: 2  
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 3  
 Cash bonus    Reward bonus: 30% 
 Icons-XP bonus.png    XP bonus: 30% 
 Leprecchaun's luck    Leprechaun's luck: 6%
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 1%  
Loot chance multiplier    Loot chance multiplier: x2



Shadetouch is made from a century-old recipe. These magic potions are extremely hard to come by and are reserved for special agents. Shadetouch even attracts ghosts that would normally only be attracted by Nessy's only.


Shadetouch purple offers you the following bonuses for your trap setup:

Shadetouch purple also offers bonuses for each ghost you catch:


You can mix Shadetouch purple with screaming strawberry juice to make the angel's aura mocktail.

Nessy's equivalent

Using shadetouch purple is the same as using Nessy's as bait in terms of raiding and of attracting Nessy-only ghosts.



You receive a crate of shadetouch as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation.

Each crate contains 200 potions of random quality, including shadetouch purple.

Diviad points

Bayoushi's shop

You can purchase 50 bottles of shadetouch purple from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for 500 Diviad points.


There are currently two ways that shadetouch purple can be traded in the game:

  • Tradepost: If you want to buy or sell Shadetouch purple, you can do so securely and anonymously through the Tradepost on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.
  • In-game trading system: You can post in one of the community groups or use the GT forum to post offers to buy or sell shadetouch purple. You then set up a trade directly with another player once you have agreed on the details of the exchange.


  • 24 October 2011: Shadetouch purple was added to Ghost Trappers.
  • 15 July 2013: Shadetouch purple leprechaun's luck was increased.

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