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Seasonal special ghosts only appear for brief periods (24–48 hours) at particular times of the year. A few may stick around for a short while longer. They can always be found in all non-raiding locations in Virtual Scotland.

Some seasonal special ghosts marked a single special occasion or event and may never recur.


Seasonal special ghosts give you either a fixed amount of XP (experience points) and ££ (Ghost Trapper pounds) or XP and ££ that vary across a small range.

Anniversary and holiday ghosts

Ghosts in Virtual Scotland will use any excuse to have a party ... and Ghost Trappers is glad to oblige!

Ghost Type When £ (range) XP (range)
Australia ghost Once a year 1-2626 January
Anniversary ghost Once a year 01-02 2 January 250 100
Bavarianized dirndl geist     Bavarianized dirndl geist
Oktoberfest mid-September through mid-October
Beer maiden ghost     Beer maiden ghost
Oktoberfest mid-September through mid-October
Black Weekend ghost     Black Weekend ghost
The Friday through Sunday following the fourth Thursday in November
Canadian ghost Once a year 07-01 1 July 300 200
Candyfloss ghost Once a year October 300 200
Dirndl geist Once a year 09-27late September / early October
Easter Bunny ghost Once a year 03-31 March–April 500 100
Easter surprise bunny ghost     Easter surprise bunny ghost
Once a year March–April 500 100
European champion ghost Who knows ? 25–26 May 2013
Fescher dirndl geist Once a year 09-27late September, early October
Fourth of July ghost Once a year 07-04 4 July 300 200
Guy Fawkes ghost Once a year 11-05 5 November 150–550 75–200
Halloween ghost Once a year 10-31 31 October
Hopping Easter Bunny ghost Once a year (midnight) 03-31 March–April 500 100
Independent Fourth of July ghost Once a year (midnight) 07-04 4 July 300 200
Jack-o-lantern ghost Once a year 10-31 31 October
New Year's ghost Once a year 12-31 31 December Scales to the location 150–200
Oktoberfest Geist Once a year for several days 09-15 mid/late September 350–500 150–200
Scary Easter werebunny     Scary Easter werebunny
Once a year 03-30 late March/early April
Seasonal special Santa ghost     Seasonal special Santa ghost
Once a year 12-24 24 December
St. Patrick's ghost Once a year 03-17 17 March 500–550 300–350
Superstitious ghost Friday the 13th
Valentine ghost Once a year 02-14 14 February 100 100
Vendetta ghost Once a year (midnight) 11-05 5 November
Zünftiger Oktoberfest Geist Once a year (midnight) for several days 09-15 mid/late September 350–500 150–200

Birthday ghosts

Birthday ghosts are those ghosts that appear for just a day to mark a particular person's birthday.

Most seasonal ghosts give you either a fixed amount of XP (experience points) and ££ (Ghost British Pounds) or XP and ££ that vary across a small range.

Ghost Type When £ (range) XP (range)
Andi ghost Once a year 07-09 9 July 300 300
Daniel ghost Once a year 07-31 31 July 300 300
Elaine ghost Once a year 06-20 20 June 300 300
Michael ghost Once a year 12-22 22 December
Peter ghost Once a year 03-14 14 March 300 300

Irregularly-appearing special ghosts

Irregularly-appearing special ghosts start out as single-appearance special ghosts ... but then things change!

Ghost When ? Occasion £ (range) XP (range)
Royal wedding ghosts     Royal wedding ghosts
29 April 2011 Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 500 250
03 December 2012 Announcement of Kate's pregnancy 500 250
23 July 2013 Birth of Prince George 500 250
2 May 2015 Birth of Princees Charlotte 500 250
23 April 2018 Birth of Prince Louis 500 250

Ghost When ? Occasion £ (range) XP (range)
2nd Royal Wedding ghost     2nd Royal Wedding ghost
19 May 2018 Wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle
Ghost When ? Occasion £ (range) XP (range)
Puzzler ghost 9-13 9–16 September 2009 Introduction of the Ghost Puzzlers game
10-19 19–21 October 2010 Reintroduction of the Ghost Puzzlers game with new rewards

In March 2014, the Puzzler ghost went back into regular circulation, along with a couple of other ghosts related to Ghost Puzzlers.

Retired special ghosts

Some special ghosts have marked one-off occasions, or marked the birthday of staff members who no longer work for Diviad. These ghosts have been retired — some of them are no longer visible in your ghost photos. A retired ghost, by definition, will not be seen again, although a more modern version of certain retired ghosts may appear later.

Ghost Occurrence £ (range) XP (range)
Adventurous spooky RETIRED
Bronwyn ghost RETIRED 100 150
Brooke ghost RETIRED 100 150
Chronicles of Blood specter RETIRED 1000–1800 150–250
Pink temptress ghost RETIRED 500 250
Royal Air Force ghost RETIRED 1000–2500 100–150
Satellite ghost RETIRED
Shannon ghost RETIRED
Sombrero alien RETIRED 350 100
Waraxe ghost RETIRED 1000–2500 100–150

New Year's and Anniversary ghosts

While the New year's ghost and the Anniversary ghost appear each year, the pictures associated with them change each year.

Special circumstances and the midnight hour

A few of the seasonal special ghosts have apparently decided that their time in Virtual Scotland is too limited, and that they are willing to break the taboo against them for the midnight hour.

The special ghosts that have been known to appear during the midnight hour include:

Catching the special seasonal ghosts

How do you catch a special seasonal ghost? Many agents have become frustrated when they pull out their best potions or mocktails and don't even catch a glimpse of one of the special seasonals.

The trick is to remember that these ghosts almost always have a scare factor of "Weak". Until Valentine's day 2012, the best advice for attracting these ghosts was "don't use Nessy's golden reserve when you're trying to catch them. Use a low attraction-level magic potion to bring them to your trap."

Since Valentine's day 2012, the alternative advice (when low attraction-level bait doesn't seem to be working) seems to be, "If you have them and are willing to do so, use Nessy's Golden Reserve when you are trying to attract the seasonal special ghosts."

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