Royal palace key

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Royal palace key
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Security measures    Security measures: 5  



The key to the Royal Palace of Ghostlantis. Rumour has it, that the King of the Sea has hidden something valuable in there.


The royal palace key accessory has the following effects on your setup:

In addition to security measures, the Royal palace key enables the King of the Sea ghost to drop the Heart of the Sea, but on his own schedule and only after you have also purchased the Trident staff special item from Bayoushi's shop..


You cannot stack multiple Royal palace keys together in your inventory. Only one royal palace key to a customer, please.

You can use the Royal palace key simultaneously with all other equipment (including all other accessories) in your inventory.


You must force Ghost Trappers to re-load your setup after adding the Royal palace key to your inventory to make sure that its stats are included in the calculation of your setup's total stats.

GUI-Disable button.png    GUI-Enable button.png

The easiest way to force the re-load is to first disable the Royal palace key (by clicking on the disable button next to it in your Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items screen), and then re-enable the Royal palace key by clicking on the enable button.

You can later disable the Royal palace key at any time if its stats do not help with your current objective, or to re-enable the Royal palace key again when you want its stats included in your setup by following the same procedures.



You can only receive the Royal palace key accessory if it is dropped for you as loot.

The Royal palace key is only dropped by the Royal palace guard ghost in Ghostlantis, the location at the end of a trapdoor from Loch Muir (region 2, Borders).

The Royal palace guard ghost needs an Arcane trap mechanism in your setup, or a companion that can cause your setup to masquerade as an Arcane setup. The Royal palace guard ghost is also mystic resistant, so you might want to use high raw power, or else load your setup with brute force and willpower.


  • 5 September 2018: The Royal palace key was first added to the available accessories in Virtual Scotland.

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