Red monsters

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Red monsters
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The red monsters are a group of monsters that can be found in most locations in Virtual Scotland.

The red monsters require rhombus red light in your setup before you can see and attract them.

Like all monsters, you must get assist clicks from other agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. to finally capture these monsters.

Not secret

The red monsters are not secret ghosts. You do not need to have a camera mounted in your setup to attract or catch them.


The members of this group and the number of assist clicks required to capture them (before any monsterslayer bonus is calculated) once you have attracted one to your setup, their XP range, GBP range, and the loot they drop include:

Note: The numbers given for XP and GBP below are very preliminary and will undoubtedly be refined.
Monster Location Number of
assist clicks
XP min XP max GTP min GTP max Loot items
Black shuck     Black shuck
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 189 1500 3600 12000 20000
Firestorm phoenix     Firestorm phoenix
Loch Muir nightmare mode 120 1500 1600 15000 16000
Giant ladybug     Giant ladybug
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 117
Giant red bullfrog     Giant red bullfrog
Loch Muir nightmare mode 120 1600 1000 15000 18000
Killer tomato     Killer tomato
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 108 900 1100 6200 10200
Raging tasmanian devil     Raging tasmanian devil
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 135
Smoking fire dragon     Smoking fire dragon
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 171 2200 2300 12000 20000
Transformed firetruck     Transformed firetruck
All non-raiding, non-AV locations 153 1000 2000 10000 20000

Other information


Most of the red monsters can be found in all current "normal" non-raiding locations of Virtual Scotland, excluding the alien and ufo locations, England, Scotland, Germany, Russia, and Singapore:

Loch Muir nightmare mode only

The firestorm phoenix and giant red bullfrog red monsters can only be found in Loch Muir nightmare mode.

Rhombus red light

You must have at least some rhombus red light in your setup to attract one of the red monsters.


You must have one of the red cauldrons in your setup to attract one of the red monsters.


You do not need to have a camera mounted to be able to attract one of the red monsters.


You must also have an active piece of blood plasma in your red cauldron to attract one of the red monsters.


The various red monsters drop a variety of loot, including:

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