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Random item part box
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Special item without stats



A random item part box is a special item without stats.

You can find it under the Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items menu from the main game screen. a


A random item part box contains a randomly selected item part—a blueprint piece for a mechanism or a molding part of a magic circle—that is not currently in your inventory.

The random item part boxes do not have the most recently released item parts in them.

What's been found in the box

Item part Equipment
Template:70     [[ ]]
Template:70     [[]]


Special mission rewards

You may occasionally receive a random item part box as part of the rewards for completing a special mission.


Some special event ghosts will drop random item part boxes as loot.

Locations and ghosts

The ghosts that are currently known to occasionally drop an random item part box include:

Ghost Region Location Special event
Unicorn triceratops     Unicorn triceratops
Borders The looticrous laboratory of Lord McDoyle During Haunted weeks only
Halloween ghost     Halloween ghost
Virtual Scotland All non-raiding, non-AV locations All non-raiding HW locations 30–31 October


Intrinsic loothunters

Some companions and contracts can increase the number of random item part boxes you receive in a normal loot drop. These items must just be part of your active setup to work.

Those companions include:

Equipment Type Contract type Number of added
random item part boxes in a drop
Enchanting jollyfish     Enchanting jollyfish
Companion +1

Add-on loothunter bonuses

The items in the table below have random item part box loothunter bonuses that only activate if you have one of the companions, bait, or contracts listed above in your active setup. For you to receive these additional loothunter bonuses, the collection shown would need to be complete, not disabled, and on display in the Exhibition and/or the accessory shown would need to be in your inventory and not disabled.

Item Type Power Random item part box
Template:70     [[]]
Template:70     [[]]

Opening a random item part box

Open one box at a time!

Do not binge-open your Item part boxes!

You may want to make a special saved setup specifically for when you open a random item part box or one of the other boxes that contain surprises to take advantage of the lucky dice stat but not cause problems in your normal hunting routine.

Contents generation

The contents of your random item part box is generated on-the-fly at the time you open it.


You can not receive a random item part box in the following ways:

Bayoushi's shop

You can not purchase the random item part box from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop.


You can not get a random item part box by trading with your friends, or by gifting.


  • 5 October 2018: The first random item part boxes were received by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. as part of the rewards for completing a special mission.
  • 15 October 2018: The first random item part boxes were dropped by the Unicorn triceratops.
  • 30 October 2018: The Halloween ghost began to occasionally drop the random item part box during its brief stay in Virtual Scotland.

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