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Raid locations



There are currently two raid locations in Dumfries and Galloway, five raid locations in Borders, two raid locations in Strathclyde, one raid location in region 4, Lothian, and one raid location each in region 5 Fife and region 6 Central.

An additional raiding location in Dumfries and Galloway becomes available during Haunted week special events.

Raid ghosts

The ghosts in the raiding locations are smart — they will adapt to the level of the players in your group. In other words, if a unit of ghost trappers who are all in Region 3 goes to the raiding area in Region 1, they will meet ghosts who will still be a distinct challenge for them.

Your unit will only be able to travel to a raiding location once every 8 hours. Once in the raiding location, your unit can stay for as long as you like (until you have completed the raid).

XP required

The XP required to travel to two of the region 2 or any of the region 3 raiding location is the minimum XP required for the first location in that region, or 80,000 XP for an R2 raiding location and 1,200,000 for an R3 raiding location. Elemental cave, in Borders, can only be entered by agents who have at least 400,000 XP (the same XP needed to enter Loch Muir. The XP required to travel to the werewolf den in Lothian is apparently 15,000,000 XP. The XP required to travel to the symphonic ghost orchestra in Fife is 50,000,000 XP. The samr XP requirement holds for the Central wasteland location in Central. The XP required to travel to the Alien spaceship is 350,000,000 XP.

Travel costs

There is no cost to travel to or from a raiding location.


Name Region XP needed Description
Sunken Ship Dumfries and Galloway 2,000 Deep beneath Loch Trool lies a nameless sunken ship. There are rumours that within the wreck are ancient treasures, as well as the evil Jonas Davey, the devil of the deep seas!
McDougan gamemaster room Dumfries and Galloway 2,000 Lord McDougan was an avid chess player. On his way to becoming a grandmaster, he had one of the many rooms of Castle McDougan transformed into a giant chessboard. After his demise by his not-so-faithful butler, he now has an eternity to study new chess openings and plays with his fellow ghosts who serve as chess pieces. (more)
Ghost Rock Concert Borders 80,000 When the time is right, many ghosts gather in the cellar halls of Castle McWallace enjoying a good dram while listening to the famous ghost rock band "The Spooks." This gives a whole new meaning to "whisky on the rocks!"
Kilwittig Theatre Borders 80,000 Kilwittig House was well known for its theatre. Many Shakespearian plays were performed there and some of the resident ghosts still like to perform. At the moment, they are rehearsing the famous play The Wizard of Ghoz. One ghost even brought his ghost puppy along to play the part of Toto.
Olympic stadium Borders 80,000
The lost island Borders 80,000 S.C.O.T.C.H. intelligence has discovered a small island off the Eastern coast of Scotland. Scans have confirmed ghost activity and plama emissions, however we have not encountered any ghosts there, yet. The Q-section has been extra busy and built a portal that can be used every 23 hours to venture to this mysterious place. But be warned, you should travel there as a team of agents, since we expect strange things to be going on there, not to mention the volcano.
Elemental cave Borders 400,000 Close to Loch Muir lies a small cave in which the four elements are very dominant. So dominant, that some ghosts have been able to adopt to the elements.
Dungeon Strathclyde 1,200,000 The dungeon is the place where ghosts are held who have committed the most serious crime in ghostland: stealing whisky!
Egyptian Exhibition Strathclyde 1,200,000 The Scottish Art Museum features many exhibitions from all over the world. At the moment they are presenting an Egyptian Exhibition. Little did they know that with the exhibits some ghosts from far-away Egypt have come along to Scotland. Maybe importing whisky to Egypt got too troublesome? (more)
Werewolf den Lothian 15,000,000
Mary King's Close Lothian 15,000,000
Symphonic ghost orchestra Fife 50,000,000
Central wasteland Central 50,000,000
Alien spaceship Tayside 350,000,000 A place to pay homage to our favourite 80s sci-fi movies and TV shows.
Cu Sith Carnival Special Events 2,000 When the time is ripe, a dark carnival materializes with the Cu Sith as its mascot. If that does not scare you, then enjoy the horror show and pray that you will survive it!


Each raiding location has its own background, and the ghosts from that region show that background behind their pictures instead of the more common purple swirl.


  • 31 August 2009: The first raid locations in Virtual Scotland became available to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 15 July 2013: The XP to enter the symphonic ghost orchestra dropped from 75,000,000 to 50,000,000.
  • 17 November 2015: The requirement that agents had to wait 23 hours between raids (the "raid cooldown") was dropped. Now a raid team can raid once every 8 hours.

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