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A guide to Region 4, Lothian

Welcome to Lothian!

The fact that you are here now is proof that you are a dedicated player of the game, and may indicate that you suffer from an addiction problem. This part of the walkthrough is primarily a skeleton for information we hope to be able to add about Lothian and its environs. (you may wish to seek professional help for the addiction issue — we're too far gone to be able to help!)

How locations work here

One of the things we know about Lothian is that things don't work quite the way we're used to.

We know that there are only three (3) regular locations in Lothian, and we also know that each of those locations has 3 levels:


If the R3 walkthrough for Strathclyde was about focusing on XP, the focus even more strongly in R4 is on making choices and grinding for money. Very very few players are going to be able to "have it all" ... so most of us are going to have to learn to make and live with harder and harder choices in terms of selecting mechanisms and magic circles.

That means identifying your style of hunting and your goals and then trying to figure out which items will work best with your hunting style to achieve your goals.

Bare bones

This document will be very bare-bones for the foreseeable future until we have time to actually write about the experiences being in the various parts of Lothian.

Until a more expansive guide gets written, we recommend the Lothian setup guide as a basic intro to the kinds of choices you'll have to make.

Many many players are choosing to forgo the mechanisms and magic circles available in Kirkyard all together, and are choosing to save their money for items available in Duke Leyton and/or Crows Hills. A lot will depend on your tolerance for grinding.


Kirkyard has 3 parts: the Kirkyard Cemetery, the Kirkyard Morgue and the Kirkyard Crypt.

Once you've paid to travel to Level 1, Kirkyard Cemetery, you'll be able to travel freely to the other two levels ... once, that is, you've had the appropriate keys dropped. And yes, these keys must be dropped for you or received as part of a mission reward. They are not tradeable, giftable, or sellable.

Hunting here

If you travel to Kirkyard Cemetery as soon as you meet the requirements, you will be faced with the unfortunate truth of not having enough XP for any of the new trap options being sold at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ. This will leave you with a few options until you have enough XP to purchase any of the new items:

  • you can stay and hunt with the highest raw power setup you can put together;
  • you can hunt with a high mystic setup; or
  • you can go back to one of the previous regions to grind for XP.

If you decide to stay, you will notice that the ghosts in Kirkyard Cemetery offer higher XP than the ones in Count Church, but also less GBP. Keep this in mind if you will need GBP to purchase the new traps available in Lothian.

High raw power

To stay in Kirkyard and try a high raw power setup, you need at least 315 raw power to catch the ghosts here. If you saved your money and passed on the platinum edition traps available at Count Church, you will find putting together a setup with that much raw power to be impossible. If you did happen to get a PE trap, you can manage to reach 315 raw with the right combination of magic circle, contract, and companion, but your catch rate will be low.

If you are in a hurry, you will probably gain XP and GBP faster back in Strathclyde with a high power, low cooldown setup. If you have time to spare and you want to get the most XP per bottle, then hunting in Kirkyard Cemetery might be your best option.

High mystic power

If you want to try the high mystic option, you should be able to get around a 60% catch rate if your set-up has more than 70 mystic power in it. If you are using Nessy's and either the Countess Wilhelmina or Mr. Bastian Shaw contracts in your setup, you can probably get your cooldown between hunts down to about 5 minutes. If you're having a lucky streak, you could gain more than 7,000 XP per hour.

You might gain more XP with a lower cooldown or with an XP bonus contract, companion, or bait in place, but keep in mind that what looks like the best bonus item for XP may not be the most obvious. A contract like Novice Bryan Bigglesworth has a 20% XP bonus, but the -2 mins to your cooldown that other contracts offer may earn you XP faster, depending on your hunting schedule and pattern.

Unlike Count Church, only one of the normal ghosts in Kirkyard Cemetery is mystic resistant, the Zombie ghost. While theoretically, this should lead to a slightly higher catch rate using high mystic setups in Kirkyard Cemetery than in Count Church, but results have been mixed for people depending on this strategy.

If a 60–70% catch rate while waiting to be able to buy a new circle or mechanism sound good to you, then you might want to go back to Count Church to grind for XP and money, until you are ready to consider buying that new equipment.

Selecting what to buy first

Decision point

Bottled fireflies + Damocles array vs Max E. Million?

10,000,000 £ + 7,000,000 £ vs 12,000,000 £

Magic circle + 250 raw power vs 260 raw mechanism?

The first of the three new items for sale in Lothian to become available is the Bottled fireflies magic circle, with 100 raw power and 10 mystic power at 10,000,000 £.

The fireflies works very well with the Time warper platinum edition, the Wormhole platinum edition, the Damocles array and the Max E. Million mechanisms. You will need these to succeed in most areas of Kirkyard, so you may want to get them once you reach the minimum XP.

Once you have the Bottled fireflies, it will be easier to catch ghosts in Kirkyard Cemetery, but not by much. The combined raw of the Bottled fireflies and the Abyssal phone booth is only 320, while the Bottled fireflies with the Time warper platinum edition is 330. While this is enough for most ghosts on Level 1 Kirkyard Cemetery, it is often not enough to get the mystic resistant Zombie ghost, which holds the key to the Kirkyard Morgue.

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