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R1 walkthrough
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Guide for R1 & getting to R2


Start in Region 1 Dumfries and Galloway

Game Objective

To collect pictures of ghosts inhabiting the region using your trap and magic potions as bait, and traveling from one location to another within the region as you gain money and experience.

Game Mechanics

As you capture ghosts, you will gain £££ and experience points (XP). With more £££ and XP, you can acquire successively stronger traps in new locations to capture and hold successively stronger ghosts.

Starting Set-up

All players start with £200, the Suck-o-matic 3000 trap mechanism and the White candles magic circle. (All traps have two components: the Mechanism and the Magic Circle.)

The money is your initial stake and will pay for your first batch of magic potions — don't worry, you'll make more money soon!

Getting Started

Buy £200 worth of Magic potions to bait your trap. Head to the Bar tab — underneath the S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ tab.

The magic potions available to you will be listed. You should buy 20 bottles of Silver star — green. Resist the temptation to buy the more expensive magic potions — using the cheapest magic potions will attract more ghosts that you can catch with your trap. More expensive magic potions will usually attract ghosts that are stronger than your trap can handle (this is true throughout the game).

Just because more expensive magic potions are available doesn't mean that it's the best choice for you! Later you can read more about the different kinds of bait that are available in the game.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start playing the game.

Let's hunt!

You are now ready to hunt. Click on the “Let's Hunt” button, and see if you’re lucky enough to catch a ghost.

Your Catch Log (sometimes called your hunt log) is below the Let's Hunt button.

If you catch a ghost you will see its picture with a green tick on it and a paragraph describing your rewards for the catch — the money (£££s) and experience points (XP) that are added to your account. You can see your running totals in the section of the game screen just below the menu links. In addition, the picture of that ghost will now show up on your Ghost pictures album page.

If you don't catch a ghost, a black silhouette of the ghost with a red cross appears in your log, along with a paragraph telling you which ghost it is you have missed. Once you have caught a particular ghost, you will see its picture in the hunt log along with the red cross when you miss it.

Hunting cooldown

Ghost Trappers is a passive game. That means that there is a built-in wait time between hunts.

  • For your first 30 hunts, you have a 15 seconds cooldown time between hunts.
  • For hunts 31–55, you have a 30 seconds cooldown time between hunts.
  • For hunts 56–80, you have a 1 minute cooldown time between hunts.
  • After 80 hunts, you have a 15 minute cooldown time between hunts.

Your trap

The Suck-o-matic 3000 mechanism with the White candles magic circle is the most basic trap set-up you can have. It has a moderate success rate with the ghosts in Castle McCloud when used with Silver star — green magic potions. With this set-up you should be catching around 50-60% of the ghosts you attract.

Using a more expensive magic potion with this set-up will not improve your catch rate. Using a more expensive magic potion will attract ghosts that your trap is not strong enough to catch.

Upgrading your trap mechanism

There are two points in Castle McCloud when you can think about upgrading your trap mechanism:

Before you upgrade your mechanism, though, you must also begin exploring more of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

Click on the Q-section tab beneath the S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ tab on the main game screen. You will see a list of available mechanisms. Read the discussion about the different trap options below and review the two traps' attributes carefully. Look at the power of each trap along with its cost.

Many people skip the Punch-in-a-box mechanism and go directly from the Suck-o-matic 3000 to the Piper jukebox mechanism. Other people buy the Punch-in-a-box mechanism first, and then later buy the Piper jukebox.

The choice is yours—ask other players what their experience was (and what they'd do differently!) if you want.

Upgrading your magic circle

Your first opportunity to upgrade your magic circle comes at:

When you want to upgrade your magic circle you can click on the Laboratory tab beneath the S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ tab. This will open a list of available magic candles.

When to upgrade or move

I have this much XP tells you what the minimum XP required to buy a trap mechanism or a magic circle is.

I have this much XP also tells you what the minimum XP required to move to a new location is. This document will help you learn the factors you need to consider before purchasing new mechanisms or magic circles or traveling to a new location.

Daily rewards

The Daily rewards are an extra bonus for agents that play on a daily basis, and can be very helpful to R1 players. While they do not cost anything, they do take time to acquire, so agents may have to think ahead about which reward to choose first. The Contracts are nice, but keep in mind they are trap specific, and after 30 days of hunting, you may have already upgraded to a different type of trap. The mocktails are the quickest to acquire, but will incur extra costs to use, as the mixers are not dropped as loot until Region 2.

Starting with one of the Companions will be most helpful, as they can be used with any trap, and will give a bonus while working towards a contract. Either companion is useful, and their bonuses will increase as they level up. The Ghost fox gives a 1% XP bonus - which will slightly increase the XP earned for each ghost caught. The Ghost owl gives +1 RAW, which will increase the power of your trap by 1 point. (One point may not sound like much, but it can be the difference between missing and catching the ghost). Both companions also have a +2 midnight attraction, which means have a small chance to catch Midnight hour ghosts during daytime hours.

If you choose to start with one of the Contracts, Selena Darkblade (Traditional contract) or Nurse Chapham (High tech contract) would be recommended, as most early traps are one of those types.

Castle McCloud

(no travel cost* / no XP requirement)

Traveling from any point in the game to Castle McCloud costs you nothing.


(£3,000 / 300 XP)

Once you begin using this trap mechanism, the Spooky ghosts, McGhosts and Executioner ghosts should be no problem for you to catch. The Butler ghosts and Greedy ghosts will still be a problem to catch, although you should be catching 70-85% of the ghosts you run into overall. Continue to use the Silver star magic potion as bait so that you are primarily attracting the ghosts you can catch to your trap. There will still be an occasional visit from the Butler and Greedy ghosts.

Don't forget to upgrade your setup with the Ornate candle magic circle when you reach 650 XP and have £1,200.

Your catch rate will be close to 85% when you combine this magic circle with the Punch-in-a-box.

Once your catch rate has improved, it's time to think about buying the Moonshadow — green magic potion as bait. Although more expensive than what you have been buying, the Moonshadow magic potion will help improve your attraction rate so that in the long run you will increase your daily return of £££s and XP.

The Piper jukebox

(£5,000 /600 XP)

This is the ultimate trap for Castle McCloud. Many people skip the Punch-in-a-box mechanism and just wait to buy this trap and the Ornate candle (£1,200 / 650 XP) magic circle when they become available.

This trap will give you a catch rate that is better than either the Suck-o-matic 3000 or the Punch-in-a-box and will quickly help you obtain your next upgrade: the Silver candles at (£6,000/ 5,000 XP).

The Silver candle with the Piper jukebox boosts your catch rate into the highest percentiles while you are in Castle McCloud. We recommend that you buy the Silver candles before you move to Loch Trool to give you a better catch rate there.

Deciding when to move

Once you have the 2000 XP and £2000 required to travel to Loch Trool, what do you need to think about? Let's consider your options:

  • move to Loch Trool where the ghost are stronger and your catch rate will be a bit lower (but you will still catch ghosts and increase your XP and £££); or
  • stay where you are and increase your XP and £££ (until you can afford to buy the Silver candles) to get the best set-up before you travel.

Which course you follow is up to you. But don't stay in Castle McCloud too long...there are adventures ahead!

Travel considerations

You may prefer to stay in a familiar location to gain the £££ for your next trap or candle. You will certainly catch more of the ghosts you run into in Castle McCloud ... but you'd probably make more money and XP from the ghosts in Loch Trool. We recommend moving to Loch Trool once you've got both the Piper jukebox trap mechanism and the Silver candles.

You always have to choose whether you want to stay longer in the lower location, or to forge ahead to a new location and risk catching a smaller percentage of the ghosts you run into. Both approaches work. Which is better for you depends on your temperament and on how you hunt. If you can only hunt a little bit per day, red crosses in your hunt log can be discouraging. If you're hunting frequently, you may be less concerned about the red crosses you get. Know thyself!

Another thing to be aware of: the strongest ghosts of Castle McCloud become the weakest ghosts of Loch Trool. This pattern will repeat itself throughout the game; the best and strongest in the location you are in will become the weakest ghosts in the next location. Therefore upgrading before you advance (or soon after you advance) becomes a tactic to consider each time you move to a new location.

Don't stay in Castle McCloud too long once you have both the Piper jukebox mechanism and the Silver candles ... it's time to see what else GT has to offer!

Loch Trool

(£2,000 to travel / 2,000 XP)

To travel to Loch Trool you'll need to have 2000 XP (i.e., you need to have the rank of Sergeant) and also have £2,000 for the travel cost. Click on the "Travel" button and then click on the Loch Trool picture and it will say after the description of the place...

  • Click here to travel to this hunting ground.
Click on the word here highlighted in blue and it'll take you to Loch Trool.


In Loch Trool expect to start seeing ghost loot drops of random extra rewards. These will appear in your catch log in the following format:

You have successfully trapped a Greedy ghost. The reward for this ghost is 363£ and 41 experience points. Furthermore, this ghost dropped some loot:
XX x Special edition magic potions!

If you get one of these drops you are indeed fortunate. These special special editions can give you bonuses in XP or cash, or can give your trap additional power.

When to use them is your choice—you can save them for use later in the game when the bonus rewards would mount up more quickly, use them now, or you can sell them on the trading forums for some quick cash.

In addition, beginning in Loch Trool, ghosts may drop documents that you can use to negotiate Contracts. Contracts can give you extra help and bonuses with your trap. The contracts for which documents are dropped in R1 include:

Both of these contracts can be very helpful to you. We recommend holding on to the first documents you get dropped and negotiating the contracts to gain their benefits with Traditional and High tech traps as quickly as possible. We do not recommend that you spend a lot of money to get other contracts ... you need always to think about upgrading your mechanism and/or magic circle before you spend money on contract documents.


New ghosts will begin to appear here. Your chances of catching any one of them are pretty good, but be careful, some of them steal—magic potions, XP, or £££. The Matrix ghost and Reloaded Matrix ghost in particular are notorious for stealing in this location.

Magic mirror

(£11,400 / 5,000 XP)

This is the first example of a high Mystic trap mechanism. You will note that it has less raw power than the Piper jukebox (20 vs 30). It has a lot more Mystic power, though (10 vs. 1). This specialty trap is intended to attract and catch some of the rarer ghosts with a high scare factor or difficulty rating, like the Vain temptress ghost or the Ghost Nessy.

This is probably the most controversial trap in Region 1. Many have bought it expecting good results, only to be disappointed by its performance. Others have reported moderately pleasant results while using it. It's a difficult trap to use well. if you want to try, use it with caution, and read up on its usage both here and on the message boards.

My advice to you is to skip this trap until later down the track and save up so you can get the next trap in Glenluck Abbey.

If you do decide to use the Magic mirror, use the more expensive magic potions as bait to achieve decent results. The beauty of mystic power is it gives you a chance to catch any ghost regardless of its strength. Thus, you'll have better success using a stronger magic potion with this trap, because the stronger magic potion will attract more of the difficult-to-catch ghosts. If you're not happy with your results with the Magic mirror, go back to using the Piper jukebox until you can afford the next trap (11,000 XP and £11,000): the 'Pew pew' purple beams in Glenluck Abbey.

Always take the requirements for your next move into consideration when thinking about buying a new trap mechanism or magic circle. Players often reach the minimum amounts required to travel to Glenluck Abbey(8,000 XP and £3,000)) without thinking of how much XP & £££ they'll need to be able to buy the next trap.

Travel considerations & strategy

Don't leave Loch Trool until you can afford the 'Pew pew' purple beams trap mechanism, at £11,000 and 11,000 XP.

Glenluck Abbey

(£3,000 to travel / 8,000 XP)

When you enter Glenluck Abbey you should immediately buy the 'Pew pew' purple beams (£11,000 / 11,000 XP) trap.

'Pew pew' purple beams

(£11,000 / 11,000 XP)

This seems to be everybody's first favourite trap as it gets good results with either the silver or violet candles. Some people prefer the violet (£12,000 / 12,000 XP) candles because they think they help earn the cash for the freezer at a decent rate. Others swear that the silver candles do better. See which one you prefer!

The Temptress ghost appears first in Glenluck Abbey and again you'll face some losses from her. This is a natural event in the game, so please try not to lose your cool! Everybody suffers with the Temptress!


(£44,000 / 20,000 XP)

The freezer is the next progression in traps, and will get you a fairly high catch rate, so much so that you may be tempted to immediately charge ahead to Castle McDougan, especially in light of the high attraction and catch rate that the Moormist — green will afford you at this level.

Resist the temptation to go to Castle McDougan until you have at least 63000£ and 30,000 XP! Then go to McDougan and buy the Red candles (£50,000 / 30,000 XP), and return to the Abbey to enjoy a near 100% catch rate. Once again it's time to grind cash in preparation for your move to Castle McDougan.

Castle McDougan

(£5,000 to travel / 15,000 XP)

When exactly you move up is again up to you, but be advised that the Freezer's catch rate in McDougan is about 65% even with the Red candles. Another consideration is that you are likely to receive more document drops in Glenluck Abbey than you are in Castle McDougan.

If you do decide to move to McDougan with only the Freezer trap and the Red candles, be prepared: Devils, Angels, and others will steal from you. You'll be used to the fact that some ghosts steal by now, but the amounts involved here may astound you. No worries, there's a way to minimize your losses.

If you've decided to use the Freezer here, you may as well learn from the experiences of those who came before you: use the Silver star magic potions. It won't attract the stronger ghosts that are likely to steal from you, yet you will continue to catch a good number of ghosts and get a fair increase in cash. It's going to be a long hard grind whether you stay in Glenluck Abbey or go to McDougan, because...

This is where you first run into trap cost sticker shock! (But don't worry ... it will be worth it!)

Skeleton coach

(£200,000 / 40,000 XP)

Your next trap is the coveted Skeleton Coach. You'll need 40,000 XP and £200,000 but this beautiful piece of equipment will allow you to use Moonshadow — green, Moormist — green or Glengreen — green and get catch rate of at least 80-85%. You will still take losses, but they won't be too severe most of the time. You'll see your bank swell as you knock down ghost after ghost, and capture almost every Angel ghost, Devil ghost and Temptress ghost that comes along.

Also, while using the Skeleton Coach, you can experiment with more powerful magic potions during midnight hunting. From experience, using Glengreen — blue works very well and has allowed me to catch 2 Heavenly angel ghosts and 2 Mean devil ghosts in a row.

It may seem that you've hit the ultimate method, and that you'll be ready to move on in no time, but once again you have to make a decision. The ultimate trap in McDougan is the Black hole, but it is available to you only in R2's Castle McWallace at 400000£ and 80000 XP. You may want to consider the timing of your move to Castle McWallace carefully.

Moving to Region 2 Borders, Castle McWallace

(£15,000 to travel / 80,000 XP)

So, it's time to move up to R2, for a moment, at least. To do this you will need to have a Ticket to Borders which are dropped randomly by Devils, Angels and their midnight hour equivalents. Buy the Black Hole trap and return to Castle McDougan. Once again you will enjoy a near 100% catch rate using the Glengreen — green , and that will help you grind cash for the Twilight candles (£400,000 / 80,000 XP).

It is possible to survive in McWallace with the Black hole and Red candles, but your catch rate will be around 55-60%, and you will catch only the weakest ghosts. The payouts in McDougan will serve you much better. It is not advised to that you attempt McWallace with anything less than the Black Hole/red candle rig (the use of Silver star — green or Silver star — blue magic potion is again recommended in this case), but the Twilight candles are highly recommended to accrue cash much more quickly.

An alternative set that will get you a decent catch rate (about 75%) in McWallace is the Black Hole with red candle rig and Moormist — green. It gives a better net gain per catch (compared to R1) and is preferred by some players.

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