Pole vault ghost

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Pole vault ghost
Ghosts-Pole vault ghost.jpg
Raid ghost
 Ghost photos scarefactor.png     Scare factor: Olympic 
 Ghost photos rarity.png     Rarity: Common 
 Ghost photos risk.png     Risk: None 



Ghosts are aware of current affairs in the real world. When they heard about the Olympic Games they thought it was a great idea to organize a Ghost Olympic themselves.



Following the London Olympics, the pole vault ghost took up residence in a newly-designed raiding location, Olympic stadium.

Original release

During the London Olympics 2012, the pole vault ghost could be captured in all then-open non-raiding locations:


The pole vault ghost has been known to occasionally drop the following types of ghost loot:


Important dates in pole vault ghost history include:

  • 7 August 2012: The pole vault ghost was first seen in Virtual Scotland.
  • 21 August 2012: The pole vault ghost returned to Virtual Scotland as a raid ghost

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