Pitch-black shadow ghost

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Pitch-black shadow ghost
Ghosts-Pitch-black shadow ghost.jpg
Secret ghost
 Ghost photos scarefactor.png     Scare factor: Scary 
 Ghost photos rarity.png     Rarity: Secretive 
 Ghost photos risk.png     Risk: None 
 Ultraviolet     Visible in ultraviolet light only
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This ghost spends most of its time in the old dungeons, but sometimes it leaves its dark corners to find the only thing that will ease its pain: a good magic potion.



The pitch-black shadow ghost can be captured in region 1, Dumfries and Galloway, at:

Special events — Haunted weeks

During haunted weeks, the pitch-black shadow ghost can also be captured at the following special event location:

Special events — Celebration weeks

During celebration weeks, the pitch-black shadow ghost can also be captured in the winter wonderland special event location.


The pitch-black shadow ghost can only be seen in ultraviolet light. Stack your flashlight with uv light if you are trying to take a picture of the pitch-black shadow ghost.


The pitch-black shadow ghost has been known to occasionally drop one or more of the following items of ghost loot:


The pitch-black shadow ghost's midnight counterpart is the dark shadow ghost.

The pitch-black shadow ghost's non-midnight counterpart is the shadow ghost.


  • 14 May 2012: The pitch-black shadow ghost was first seen in Virtual Scotland'.

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