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Pet affection
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Pet affection is a stat also known as affection or love boost or love bonus.

Pet affection in your setup gives you a small number of additional affection points that are added to any affection points you gain when you offer a gift to your companion that the companion likes.


Item Type Power type
if appropriate
pet affection points
8 years itch agent     8 years itch agent
ID badge 8
Amber bug     Amber bug
Accessory 2
Amulet of arcana     Amulet of arcana
Accessory 3
Autumn secrets I     Autumn secrets I
Collection bonus 3
Balaclava     Balaclava
Accessories 10
Berlin datapad     Berlin datapad
Accessories 3
Blurry Nessy photo     Blurry Nessy photo
Accessory 1
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Pet affection value
Crystal heart     Crystal heart
Accessories 5
Eros     Eros
Contract Magic circles 5
Talent     Faithful sidekick
Talent in the barkeeper talent tree 1–3
Festive scythe     Festive scythe
Accessory 2
Gaia     Gaia
Contract Bio 5
Grinch agent     Grinch agent
ID badge 3
Happy pizza     Happy pizza
Accessory 3
Love is in the air     Love is in the air
Game buff 2–3
MenuMenu no 6     Menu no 6
Contract Magic circles 2
Meteorite extractor     Meteorite extractor
Accessory 2
Mini-plasma collection     Mini-plasma collection
Collection bonus 2
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Pet affection value
Paper-chain garland     Paper-chain garland
Accessories 2
Pet lover agent     Pet lover agent
ID badge 1
Peter's plasma crunchies     Peter's plasma crunchies with chocolate
Accessory 5
Plasma tv     Plasma tv
Accessory 10
Smartphone accessory     Smartphone accessory
Accessory 2
Spooquiri     Spooquiri
Bait 3
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Pet affection value
Steve, tamer of unicorns     Steve, tamer of unicorns
Contract Bio 5
Tarot deck     Tarot deck
Accessory 3
Videogame console     Videogame console
Accessory 5
Wasteland hacksaw     Wasteland hacksaw
Accessory 2
Wiesn brezl     Wiesn brezl
Accessory 2
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Pet affection value
GUI-Love bar full.png

Companion love bar

As your companion accepts presents, your companion love bar begins to fill. It takes a total of 3000 affection points to fill the love bar. Pet affection points in your active setup will help you fill the companion love bar more quickly.


  • 17 April 2012: The pet affection attribute was added to Ghost Trappers.

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