Paper-chain garland

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Paper-chain garland
Accessories-Paper-chain garland.jpg
Special item

  Icons-Pet affection.png    Pet affection/Love boost: 2  
Icons-Best friends ever.png    Best friend ever: 2%  
Mystery stat    Mystery: 1%
 Trapdoor stat     Trapdoor chance: 1% 



The paper-chain garland is an accessory: you can find it via the Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items tab from the main game screen.


15px-Blue star.jpg 15px-Blue star.jpg Editors: Grab the stat descriptions from the template doc Template: Stat descriptions and fill in the appropriate values 15px-Blue star.jpg 15px-Blue star.jpg

The paper-chain garland accessory gives you the following benefits for your trap setup:

  • +2love boost or affection, affection points that are added to the number of affection points you gain when you offer a gift to your companion that the companion likes
  • a 2% chance of gaining the best friend ever bonus (receive two companion gifts in a loot drop, not just one)
  • a 1% chance of having a trapdoor open when you are in a location that contains such a trapdoor, dropping you into a spider den or one of the specific locations at the end of a trapdoor


You cannot stack multiple paper-chain garlands together in your inventory. Only one paper-chain garland to a customer, please.

You can use the paper-chain garland simultaneously with all other equipment (including all other accessories) in your inventory.


You must force Ghost Trappers to re-load your setup after adding the paper-chain garland to your inventory to make sure that its stats are included in the calculation of your setup's total stats.

GUI-Disable button.png    GUI-Enable button.png

The easiest way to force the re-load is to first disable the paper-chain garland (by clicking on the disable button next to it in your Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items screen), and then re-enable the paper-chain garland by clicking on the enable button.

You can later disable the paper-chain garland at any time if its stats do not help with your current objective, or to re-enable the paper-chain garland again when you want its stats included in your setup by following the same procedures.



You can only receive the paper-chain garland accessory if it is dropped for you as loot at the North Pole during a Celebration week special event by the grinning grinch.


  • 14 Decenber 2015: The paper-chain garland was first added to the available accessories in Virtual Scotland.

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