Osgar the coxswain

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Osgar the coxswain
Contracts-Osgar the coxswain.jpg
Magic circles contract
Brute force    Brute force: 1  
Loot chance multiplier    Loot chance multiplier: x1.5
Attribute icon-Attraction rate.png    Attraction bonus: 2  
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 7%  
Rhombus red light    Rhombus red light: 2  
Nerves of steel    Nerves of steel: 5  
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −2 min 
Nightmare token    Loothunter nightmare token: +1 token



Osgar the coxswain keeps directing the boat to the spot where he lost his best friend who was trying to break the record for longest dive ever. Now stuck in the spirit world, the diver ghost needs Osgar's help to transport his found goodies to the Chairman.

Contract effects

The Osgar the coxswain contract gives you the following benefits for your setup:

  • a 1% chance of gaining brute force and guaranteeing the capture of the next ghost you encounter, regardless of its strength or the strength of your setup

Additional info


The Osgar the coxswain contract works with magic circles and therefore can be used with trap mechanisms of all types.

Magic circles

The Osgar the coxswain contract can be used to modify these magic circles:


Contract documents

Documents-OTC 1.jpg Documents-OTC 2.jpg Documents-OTC 3.jpg Documents-OTC 4.jpg

You must collect the following contract documents to be able to finalize the Osgar the coxswain contract in the office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ:

See the table below for information on which ghosts drop each document.

Document Source
Documents-OTC 1.jpg        
Cryptic ghostwriter (nightmare) in Loch Muir nightmare mode
Documents-OTC 2.jpg        
Righteous templar ghost (nightmare) in Loch Muir nightmare mode
Documents-OTC 3.jpg        
Swinging entertainer ghost (nightmare) in Loch Muir nightmare mode
Documents-OTC 4.jpg        
Giant red bullfrog in Loch Muir nightmare mode


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