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General information

Ghost monsters are such strong and fierce creatures, that it takes the efforts of many agents combined to trap them! A monster ghost is indicated with a monster head on its picture or outline in your hunting log.

Ghost monsters:

  • are attracted to malty mist;
  • Need a Setup with Decent Mystic Power to catch
  • require the assistance of many friends. The number of friends required to assist will depend on the epicness of the monster ghost. Once you get enough friends to assist you, you will see that you have caught the monster ghost after the next hunt that you start;
  • will not be attracted if you already have a ghost monster, ghost dino monster, elemental monster, vampire lords and ladies, or sacred monsters that your friends are assisting with.
  • may drop special bonus loot; and
  • will only be attracted when a cauldron is activated with ghost plasma.


Most of the original ghost monsters can be found in all non-raiding locations (including special events locations).

The Irish kraken ghost monster, however, can only be seen in Castle McCloud nightmare mode.


Ghost Description Location Assists required
Mac marshmallow Mac Marshmallow is a fabled giant that roams the highland. All it wants is to find some good vibrations and chill! All non-raiding locations 9

Pegasus Pegasus is a flying horse who is benevolent in nature. It overshadows its relative, the flying donkey, who nobody seems to appreciate. All non-raiding locations 18

Cool chimera During summertime some chimeras get bored and see no point in scaring tourists away. So they get out their sunglasses and hawaii shirt and start to enjoy summer! All non-raiding locations 27

Hippogriff A hippogriff has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a horse. It has been disqualified numerous times from the Oxford Derby, because of this unfair advantage. All non-raiding locations 31

Manticore A manticore has the head and body of a lion, the wings of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. Actually it could be considered a one creature zoo! All non-raiding locations 45

Hydra Once you hack off one head of a hydra another two heads will grow. Some clever ghosts tried to use this principle on potions: Smash one bottle and maybe two will spawn. Unfortunately, that experiment was an epic fail! All non-raiding locations 63

Ghosthulhu salesman Be careful when you encounter a demonic salesman. It will try to sell you an “Infernal vacuum cleaner from Hell” and has all eternity to do so! All non-raiding locations 81

Grey dragon earl The Grey Dragon Earl is an ancient dragon that is older than most of the castles. It honours the old code, which of course includes teatime! All non-raiding locations 90

Forgotten one Forgotten Ones come from a place called Dark Oblivion, which is located in another dimension. Their intentions in Virtual Scotland are however unclear. All non-raiding locations 90

Irish kraken Legend has it that the Kraken is the biggest beast in the sea, even larger than the Nessy! Irish krakens may be a little smaller, but they are just as tough and even tougher after they've consumed a few magic potions (and maybe a few agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. for dessert?) ! Castle McCloud nightmare mode 108


Ghost Strength XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum
Mac marshmallow 010Monstrous 100 200 1000 2000
Pegasus 020Monstrous 200 300 2000 3000
Cool chimera 30Monstrous 250 350 2500 3500
Hippogriff 035Monstrous 300 400 3000 4000
Manticore 050Monstrous 500 600 5000 6000
Hydra 070Monstrous 600 700 6000 7000
Ghosthulhu salesman 090Monstrous 800 900 8000 9000
Grey dragon earl 100Monstrous 900 1000 9000 10000
Forgotten one 120Monstrous
Irish kraken 120Monstrous


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