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The oblivion stat sets or changes the amount of time you can spend within a trapdoor.

Equipment index

The following pieces of equipment will add the oblivion stat to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if appropriate
Oblivion or
Oblivion change
Agent One     Agent One
Contract Magic circles +12 mins
Annie the arachnophobiac     Annie the arachnophobiac
Contract Bio +5 mins
Archaeologist dragon whelp     Archaeologist dragon whelp
Companion +30 mins
Aurum calidarium     Aurum calidarium
Cauldron +10 mins
Azatxlchz the ineffable     Azatxlchz the ineffable
Mechanism Outworldly +10 mins
Cauldron of the old god     Cauldron of the old gods
Cauldron +5 mins
Champion     Champion drink
Mocktail +3 mins
Christmas candles     Christmas candles
Magic circle +5 mins
Christmas cauldron     Christmas cauldron
Cauldron +4 mins
Clownfish     Clownfish
Companion +10 mins
Clubs collection     Clubs collection
Collection bonus +5 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change
Cobweb pendant     Cobweb pendant
Accessory +30 mins
Cockwomble     Cockwomble
Contract Outworldly +13 mins
Boardgame collection     Coloured snowball collection
Collection +5 mins
Crystal cauldron     Crystal cauldron
Cauldron +6 mins
Crystal spider web collection     Crystal spider web collection
Collection bonus +12 mins
Dark Tomplar     Dark Tomplar
Contract Outworldly +12 mins
Eggnog     Eggnog
Mocktail +5 mins
Electron shaker     Electron shaker
Mechanism Outworldly +5 mins
Emerald cauldron     Emerald cauldron
Cauldron +5 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change
Explorer agent     Explorer agent
ID badge +4 mins
Fine whine     Fine whine
Mocktail +10 mins
Forgotten idol     Forgotten idol
Accessory +10 mins
Galen the gentle giant     Galen the gentle giant
Contract Traditional +10 mins
Ghost duck     Ghost duck
Companion +10 mins
Ghost snow elf     Ghost snow elf
Companion +3 mins
Gold molding form     Gold molding form
Accessory +10 mins
Golden camera     Golden camera
Camera +7 mins
Golden Easter egg     Golden Easter egg
Accessory +5 mins
Golden Nessy necklace     Golden Nessy necklace
Accessory +10 mins
Golden top hat     Golden top hat
Accessory +2 mins
Gorthorn the mortified astrofighter     Gorthorn the mortified astrofighter
Contract Outworldly +12 mins
GT football jersey     GT football jersey
Accessory +2 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change
Ice crystal dragonwhelp     Ice crystal dragon whelp
Companion +15 mins
Lady Ayumi Bayoushi contract     Lady Ayumi Bayoushi contract
Contract Infernal +5 mins
Lady in the mirror     Lady in the mirror
Contract Magic circles +7 mins
Limbo     Limbo
Barkeeper talent tree +3 mins
Liquid gold     Liquid gold
Mocktail +8 mins
Lochaber axe     Lochaber axe
Accessory +3 mins
Nessy miniature     Nessy miniature
Accessory +2 mins
Oblivion normal augmentation     Normal oblivion augmentation
Companion augmentation +1 min
Nutcracker     Nutcracker
Contract Magic circle +10 mins
Phantom bulldog     Phantom bulldog
Companion +5 mins
Phantom Castle midnight collection     Phantom Castle midnight collection
Collection bonus +3 mins
Phantom dragon whelp     Phantom dragon whelp
Companion +10 mins
Phantom knight     Phantom knight
Mechanism Arcane +5 mins
Phantom mirror     Phantom mirror
Accessory +5 mins
Phantom swan     Phantom swan
Companion +5 mins
CPhantom watchdog     Phantom watchdog
Mechanism Outworldly +5 mins
Portal array     Portal array
Accessory +6 mins
Quantla the quantum queen     Quantla the quantum queen
Contract Bio +12 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change
Red stocking     Red stocking
Accessory +3 mins
Sam the court jester     Sam the court jester
Contract Magic circle +7 mins
Sconce     Sconce
Magic circle +1 min
Seeker of the Sword     Seeker of the Sword
Contract Arcane +5
Sibylla the sinister sorceress     Sibylla the sinister sorceress
Contract Infernal +12 mins
Simon the spider hunter     Simon the spider hunter
Contract High tech +5 mins
Snow-covered tree     Snow-covered tree
Accessory +5 mins
Solar     Solar
Contract Magic circles +10 mins
Soltar the magnificent     Soltar the magnificent
Contract Arcane +10 mins
Sophia the cyberwitch     Sophia the cyberwitch
Contract High tech +10 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change
Summer collection     Summer collection
Collection +4 mins
Oblivion supergroup two augmentation     Supergroup two oblivion augmentation
Companion augmentation +3 mins
Tapestry     Tapestry
Accessory +5 mins
Tannenbaum     Tannenbaum
Accessory +3 mins
Tbe legendary emerald sword     The legendary Emerald Sword
Accessory +5 mins
Voynich pages collection     Voynich pages collection
Collection bonus +5 mins
Walk of fame star tile     Walk of fame star tile
Accessory +10 mins
Yamori     Yamori
Contract Outworldly +10 mins
Young thing     Younger thing
Companion +7 mins
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Oblivion change


  • 8 April 2014: The oblivion stat was officially added to Ghost Trappers as a stat although there are not, as yet, any known trapdoors in Virtual Scotland.
  • 9 April 2014: The first trapdoors are found in Virtual Scotland

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