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Non-Nessy's loot potions includes all magic potions, mocktails, and specialty baits that can be dropped as ghost loot in virtual Scotland except Nessy's golden reserve.

Summary list of non-Nessy's loot potions

The list of non-Nessy's bait that can be dropped as ghost loot includes at a minimum:

Name Attraction level Description
Magic potions-Belt of Venus.jpg Belt of Venus 4 High The belt of Venus is a multi-layered magic potion. Each layer symbolizes one power of the elements.
Mocktails-Cherry bomb.jpg Cherry bomb Partylicious
Magic potions-Condensed halo.jpg Condensed halo 4 High A magic potion that has a relatively high attraction combined with the power to purify infernal traps.
Magic potions-Glengreens-blue.jpg Glengreen blue 3 Reasonable This special edition magic potion is a very well-rounded potion that all ghosts crave. No surprise that your hunting will yield slightly better results when using it.
Magic potions-Glengreens-purple.jpg Glengreen purple 4 High The rare version of the Glengreen magic potions was supposed to be lost forever on the lost island, but now that the Q-section has been able to open a portal, some bottles can be salvaged by brave agents.
Whisky-Highland Pride.jpg Highland Pride 3 Reasonable Highland Pride was produced in a famous laboratory that was situated close to Castle McDoyle. When the castle disappeared, due to Lord McDoyle's experiments, the laboratory was gone as well. However, once in a while when the time is right, it rematerializes and with it the lost flasks of Highland Pride.
Magic potions-Liquid ember.jpg Liquid ember 1 Low
Bait-Malt juice bock.jpg Malt juice bock 1 High A strong version (called bock) of the regular malt juice, especially brewed for Oktoberfest.
Whisky-Mass beer.jpg Maß malt juice 1 Low Not all ghosts are curious to try new things, especially not the spoiled party ghosts, but those who try the famous German "Maß" during Oktoberfest will quickly note it has a good punch!
Magic potions-Moonshadow-blue.jpg Moonshadow blue 1 Low Using the "blue" version of Moonshadow is such a clever move that the reward for catching ghosts with it is slightly increased.
Magic potions-Moonshadow-purple.jpg Moonshadow purple 2 Moderate This special magic potion is reserved only for New Year's and other special occasions. It's so explosive that ghosts think that fireworks have gone off in their heads
Magic potions-Moormist-blue.jpg Moormist blue 2 Moderate Enigmatic flavour, yet very mild. This mildness is almost mystical in nature and Ghosts are rumoured to bring more money along when they suspect this fantastic magic potion.
Magic potions-Moormist-purple.jpg Moormist purple 2 Moderate The purple version is a very rare, special potion that can only be found in the most secret and strangest locations, i.e., game rooms, theatres and museums.
Magic potions-Pumpkin punch.jpg Pumpkin punch 1 Low A pumpkin punch potion can only be produced during Halloween. Its mystic properties have an extremely high influence on midnight ghosts.
Magic potions-Silver star-blue.jpg Silver star blue 1 Low The "blue" version is a very special magic potion for rookies and experienced players alike. Due to its top-secret production process, it adds power to your trap.
Magic potions-Silver star-purple.jpg Silver star purple 1 Low Silver star "purple" is an extremely rare and exquisite potion full of arcane secrets. It can only be found in places where no agent should go alone.
Magic potions-Whisperwind-blue.jpg Whisperwind blue 3 Reasonable This magic potion was developed by a femme fatale. So it consists of many tears, broken hearts and many sorrows. Exactly the stuff that some ghosts find attractive! The blue version even adds more melancholy.
Magic potions-Whisperwind purple.jpg Whisperwind purple 4 High


  • 6 October 2011: Created this page to further distinguish between what used to be called "vintage edition" baits/magic potions and the entire set of non-Nessy's baits that can be dropped as loot.

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