Nocturnal agent

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Nocturnal agent
ID badges-Nocturnal agent.jpg
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 3%  
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £5,000,000 



When agents need help turning night into day, this is the badge to choose.


Midnight attraction chance

The Nocturnal agent badge adds a 3% midnight attraction chance to your set-up. That midnight attraction chance is added together with any other midnight attraction chances provided by other components of your set-up to create your total percentage chance of catching midnight ghosts at other times of the day.


You can purchase this badge from the Office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in Wellsington Tower, Dormont Cemetery, Castle McDonohan, or Count Church, for £5,000,000.


  • 28 February 2010: The Nocturnal agent badge first became available for purchase in Virtual Scotland by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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