Moonshadow blue

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Moonshadow blue
Magic potions-Moonshadow-blue.jpg
Attraction level    Attraction level: Low  
 Icons-XP bonus.png    XP bonus: 10% 



Using the "blue" version of Moonshadow is such a clever move that the reward for catching ghosts with it is slightly increased.



Moonshadow blue can be combined with:


Ghost Region Location
Master-of-disguise Borders Castle McWallace
Kilwittig House
Loch Muir
Moonshine maker ghost Fife Dreadmoor
Purple moonshine maker ghost Fife Dreadmoor


Moonshadow blue is occasionally dropped as ghost loot in the following locations:

The Moonshadow blue can also be dropped as ghost loot in the non-raiding special events locations when they are open (such as during Haunted Week IV):

Haunted week special event locations

Celebration week special event locations


The following ghosts have been known to occasionally drop Moonshadow blue as ghost loot:


There are two ways that Moonshadow blue can be traded in the game.


  • 9 December 2009: The attraction level of McMillan 15 y.o. has been changed from Moderate to Low. This is a cosmetic revision and does not affect the magic potion's ability to attract ghosts.
  • 11 January 2010: The McMillan 15 y.o. can now be used to create Midnight rider mocktails.
  • 7 July 2010: McMillan 15 y.o. was re-named to Moonshadow blue.

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