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Monster hunting
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Huge, terrifying, epic monsters have been sighted all over virtual Scotland. Although not all of them are ghosts, S.C.O.T.C.H. has been called upon by the government to help with this situation. Ghost monsters are such strong and fierce creatures, that it takes the efforts of many agents combined to trap them!

To get started, all you need to do is

  • buy a cauldron in the Laboratory for 5000 £;
  • activate the cauldron with a piece of ghost plasma;
  • hit the "Let's hunt!" button!

Of course, there are a few more details that it would help to know!

Activating your cauldron

Your cauldron won't work until you put a piece of plasma in it. Which type of plasma you use depends on the type of cauldron you have purchased and what type of monster you are hunting:

Plasma type Cauldron Monster type
Ghost plasma Cauldron, witch cauldron, mystic cauldron Original monsters
Jurassic plasma Jura atomizer, Super jura atomizer, Triassic cauldron, Crystal cauldron Dino monsters, some Crystal spiders
Elemental plasma Planar disintegrator, Planar disruptor Elemental monsters
Blood plasma Blood cauldron, Ancient blood cauldron Vampire lords and ladies
Blood plasma Red cauldron, Scarlet cauldron, Crimson cauldron Some crystal spiders
Sacred plasma Sacred cauldron, Galliant radiant cauldron Knights of the round table

After you activate a ghost-plasma cauldron, it will be active for 3 days (72 hours). You can see how much longer your cauldron will be active by hovering your mouse over the cauldron.

Once you have an active cauldron, you have a chance of catching a ghost monster each time you hunt.

After 3 days, you have to re-activate your cauldron (by adding another piece of ghost plasma if you want to hunt ghost monsters.

Malty mist

Once your cauldron is active, the chance of attracting a ghost monster will depend on how high the malty mist attribute is for your trap setup. Since you are required to have at least the basic cauldron in order to hunt for ghost monsters, you will have at a minimum of 2 malty mist to start out with.

If you want to increase your attraction rate of ghost monsters, you may want to look into the following items that have been given the malty mist attribute.

Note: Your malty mist total may not display correctly if you are using the Internet Explorer browser.

You can find the malty mist attribute associated with the different cauldrons and atomizers, accessories, companions, bait, magic circles, mechanisms, contracts and ID badges. For a full overview of all the individual items, check the malty mist page.

You've attracted a monster!

Okay, let's say you now attract a ghost monster. The “Epicness” of the ghost monster is defined by luck and by how much malty mist you have. The “more epic” the monster, the more difficult it will be to trap.

Once the ghost monster is encountered, there will be a check to determine whether your trap is strong enough to hold it. If your trap is not strong enough, you simply fail to trap the monster and you will continue to trap ghosts the normal way.

However, if your trap is strong enough to hold the monster, you will then need the help of your friends! You have 5 days (120 hours) to accumulate enough help from friends and interested others (clicks) to finalize your hunt.

You can see the ghost monster at the new “Ghost monster journal” (called "Masteries" in some browsers), a new option under the “Scores & events” tab. You can only have one active ghost monster at a time.

The Ghost monster journal shows the monster, its epicness, and how much time you have left before it leaves your trap and disappears. For each point of epicness you need one click from one of your Ghost Trappers friends. A friend can only click (assist) once per ghost monster. Example: A monster has an epicness of 50. You trap it once 50 of your friends have assisted you.

Asking for assistance

You can ask for assistance by using the “Get help” button in the monster journal. All your friends can also ask for further assistance. You will be able to see who has helped you through a list below the monster's picture or leave comments. The comments are automatically deleted once the monster is caught or the timer has expired. It is consider good etiquette to help others who have helped you out!

Finalizing the catch

Once the required number of clicks has been reached, you will successfully trap the ghost monster with your next active hunt (not a friend-led hunt or an auto-hunt).

Giving and getting help

Catching monster ghosts and dino monsters is a community activity.

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