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Mixers and juices are combined with one of the magic potions to create different types of bait.

You can acquire the recipes for mixing these specialty bait (also known as mocktails) in a variety of ways, including purchasing them from the bar at S.C.O.T.C.H., earning them as a daily reward, or as a donation thank-you.


Some ghosts drop a mixer as ghost loot starting in region 2 Borders locations.

You can purchase some mixers from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi in her shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

You can trade with other players.

Index to available mixers

Mixer Mocktails
Bavarian malt juice     Bavarian malt juice
Mass malt juice
Blood orange juice     Blood orange juice
Arthur's ale     Caudell     Crimson Mary     Dark side of the moon     Ectoplasmatic slammer     Flaming nectar     altJack jones     Jesperian way     Midnight rider     Old admiral     Stringer    

Bombastic blueberry juuice     Bombastic blueberry juice
Blue Hawaii     Death's demise    
Brutal banana juice     Brutal banana juice
Nyarlathotep     Zero gravity    
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice
Brainbuster     Cherry bomb     Chilly cherritini     Enchantment elixir     Furioso     Gentleman     Midnight smash     Red thunder     Ruby tuesday     Spooquiri    
Ghastly grape juice     Ghastly grape juice
Aqua vitae     Atholl brose     Champion     Snake venom    
Kreepy koko     Kreepy koko
Black tartan     Choco shock     Christmas cream     Panacea     Scottish coffee    
Lucid lemonade     Lucid lemonade
Amber dream     Ambrosia     Cosmic chaos     Gargoyle mead     Isotonic solution     U-Boot     Witch hunt     Fire-retardant foam
Midnight apple juice     Midnight apple juice
Alien brain     Apple zapper     Black widow     Caleidescope     Devil driver     Love potion     Meteor storm     Spiced cider    
Mystery milk     Mystery milk
Nightcap mocktail
Psychotic cranberry juice     Psychotic cranberry juice
AI highball     Creepy cooler     Fine whine     Melomel     Miasmatic antidote Snow barrage     Spookpirinha     Volcano    
Screaming strawberry juice     Screaming strawberry juice
Angel's aura     Mulled wine     Night glow     Red dawn     Red nightmare     Red sunset    
Silver screen juice     Silver screen juice
Double feature    
Widow tears     Widow tears
Braveheart     Conundrum     Corpse reviver     Eggnog     Frozen mist     Green fairy     Iceberg     Life on Mars     Light of day mocktail     Lucky punch     North star


Mixers are randomly dropped as loot by various ghosts. Different locations often have different mixers dropped.

The only location in R1 that has ghosts that drop mixers is Castle McCloud nightmare mode. In R2, you won't get too many drops in Castle McWallace but you'll find that the ghosts will drop them more beginning in Kilwittig House. R3 locations are the last normal locations to have loot drops of more than one mixer; beginning with R4, most locations drop only one type of mixer.

Note: Bavarian malt juice can be dropped by any ghost in any location if and only if you have put points into the prosit talent on the [[barkeeper talent


You can trade travel tickets for certain juices on a one-to-one basis with the ticket-trader in the Office in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

Ticket to: Juice Juice Juice
Midnight apple juice     Midnight apple juice
Blood orange juice     Blood orange juice
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice
Kreepy koko     Kreepy koko
Widow tears     Widow tears
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice
Kreepy koko     Kreepy koko
Widow tears     Widow tears
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice
Kreepy koko     Kreepy koko
Widow tears     Widow tears

Juices are also traded between players on the trading GT items only section of the forums.

Untradeable mixers

Some mixers cannot be traded between players. These mixers include:


  • March 2009: The first juices are dropped as ghost loot in Virtual Scotland.

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